Recover photos from locked Samsung Galaxy phones

recover photos from locked Samsung galaxy s5Normally you have to unlock your phone in order to transfer data from computer to the mobile or extract data from mobile phone to PC. But sometime you may forget the passcode to unlock your phone or your phone screen becomes unresponsive you can’t input the passcode or password. If so will you still be able to recover files from locked phone to computer?

Important Notes & Updates:

  1. You can now remove Android screen lock, password, PIN, pattern without any data loss on the phone.
  2. if you are using iPhone, please refer to this guide instead: how to recover data from locked iPhone?

samsung mobile phone locked with passcode

How to recover photos from locked Samsung Galaxy mobile phones?

The photo recovery from locked Samsung and Android phones is actually easier than data recovery from locked iPhone. When your phone screen shut off and unresponsive, even if your phone is still detectable by a computer, you can’t sync your phone to computer through Kies because the phone is locked. You need to use other phone data recovery software to export or extract data from the locked Android phone other than Kies. Dr. Fone is the best Android mobile phone recovery program, if it is not the only one. We have covered this data recovery for mobile tool a lot in recent articles and tutorials. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover lost photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy phones. Except photos, videos, music, this Android recovery can also help you get back other files types, such as contacts, phone numbers, text messages, call logs, whatsApp chats, documents, calendars, etc.

recover photos from samsung mobile phone

So will this Samsung data recovery solution still work even if the phone is locked and there is no way to unlock the Galaxy S4, S5, S6 or else? Fortunately it still works. As the above phone data recovery software does not require users to unlock their Android phone in order to use it to recover data from the phone. However another problem arises here. This Samsung or Android phone recovery program needs you to enable USB debugging in advance. That’s to say even the data recovery for Samsung Android can bypass the passcode or password lock and recover photos, videos, contacts, messages and other data from our mobile phones, it may not work if the USB debugging option is disabled. So how do I know whether I have this option enabled or not on the phone? That’s easy, you can go ahead to download the Android phone recovery program on to your PC and connect up your Samsung phone through USB, then use this recovery software to scan your phone see how it goes. The phone data recovery will try to access your phone’s internal storage to recover data. If any error occur, you will be notified instantly.

How to remove password, PIN, patter, screen lock from Android phones?

If the USB debugging is disabled on your phone before you are locked out, you can boot your phone into the Download Mode to download the recovery package and remove the password, PIN, patter, screen lock from Android phones. You can find more details from this tutorial to remove screen lock, password, PIN, pattern, code from Android mobile phones without any data loss on the phone.

How to retrieve data from broken Android phones?

If your phone is broken and you want to retrieve data from a broken phone with broken screen, black screen, unresponsive touch screen. Check out this alternative solution to recover data from broken Android phones.

Are you struggling to export data from a locked phone, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei or other Android phones? Feel free to download and try the Android mobile recovery software.

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    1. do you forget the screen lock and like to remove the lock? If so, our Android phone unlock tool does not currently support this phone model. it takes time to add new recovery packages for new phone models. we are not able to keep all Samsung devices supported. our development team will collect feedback from users before they decide which phone models to be supported before others. you can submit your phone model to us from within the “Lock screen removal”. More info can be found from this tutorial to remove screen lock from Android phones. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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    1. you can click the “free download for pc” or “free download for mac” buttons from above post to get the free trial version on to your computer. note that the free version allows users to test and try the software before they buy. you can run it to scan your phone and preview data, however in order to extract data from the phone to computer, you need to buy the full version.

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