How to Recover Photos Videos from Android?

Lost valuable media files on Android phones or tablets? Smartphones play a very important role in our daily life, not only because we can make phone calls using them, but also many other important thing it can do, such as surfing the internet, checking emails, taking photos and so on. Many Android users save a lot of photos, videos, and movies on their Android devices. However sometimes we might accidentally delete some important pictures or videos that we want to keep forever, such as birthday photos, family albums, graduation photos. There are many other reasons that can cause our data lost, such as careless memory card format, phone reset, virus infection, OS crash, and so on. To cope with these unexpected data loss, we need to use data recovery software to get back our lost photos and videos from Android phones and tablets. We have reviewed a data recovery tool for Android before, see how to recover photos and videos from Lenovo. If you are using a LG smartphone, such as LG Transpyre, Quad HD smartphone, LG Access, LG Ultimate, LG Tribute, check out this guide to recover lost photos videos from LG smartphones. Many Android users found that they can use this Android data recovery software to retrieve many of their lost data, not only the mobile contacts, SMS, calenders, but also media files such as photos, videos, music and more.

android data recovery made easy

In this guide, we will keep exploring more features of this Android recovery software to see how many more fancy functions it has. Photo recovery for Android has always been a hot topic, as we like to shoot pictures so much using our phones. If you lost photos or videos saved on Android phones or tablets, you can follow below steps to retrieve the lost data. It does not require any professional skills. Just remember when you want to recover lost photos from android phone, you have to stop using your phone immediately as the deleted files and data on your Android phone can be overwritten by new data any time. When the deleted photos are overwritten by new data, you will not be able to get them back using this solution. Thus if you decide to recover android photos or videos, you need to stop using your phone immediately to prevent data from being overwritten.

How to Recover Photos Videos from Android Phones?

Step 1. Run the recovery software on your computer

Before we continue to photo recovery below, go to download this phone recovery software on to your PC.

It is very user friendly. Run the program on your PC, you will immediately see a clear workflow in the home screen of the Android phone recovery tool. With just several steps anyone can perform a photo recovery from their Android phone.

android phone recovery software home

Step 2. Connect Android phone to computer and Enable USB debugging

Connect your Android phone to PC or Mac through USB data cord, then the Android recovery tool will automatically detect your connection. You will be prompted to enable USB debugging on your mobile phone if not yet. There will be on-screen tips shows you how to do that, see below figure.

steps to enable usb debugging on android phones

Once you have turned on USB debugging on Android smartphone, the data recovery application will automatically proceeds to the next step. Do not pop out your Micro SD card if any, this program can recover data from both internal memory of the phone and its memory card.

scan android phone and its memory card

Step 3. Analyse and Scan your Android phone

Your phone is now ready to be scanned. During this process, Android phone recovery software will analyse your device, ensure necessary drivers installed, gain access to your device. After that you will have the chance to choose what file types you like to retrieve. By default all file types are selected. However the more file types selected, the longer it will take to recover. Thus if you want to recover only photos or videos, uncheck other options to save your time. Unless you lost all data after a phone reset, you need to enable all files recover, see data recovery after factory reset. From below screenshot, you can find the recovery software supports a variety of file types, such as Contacts, Messaging, WhatsApp messages, Gallery, Audio, Videos, documents. It would be almost the same if you want to retrieve other files and data, see this guide to recover text messages from Samsung phones, and this tutorial about WhatsApp messages recovery on Android, just two demos for your reference.

select android lost data type to scan and recover

Choose Standard or Advanced scanning mode

When you enabled photo recovery and video recovery in last step, you will be taken to another screen for more Samsung recovery options. You will be required to select a storage scanning mode, either the Standard Mode or Advanced Mode.

select storage scanning mode in android recovery

Step 4. Preview and Recover deleted photos and videos from Android phones

The scan for lost photos and videos takes some time. Depends on your memory card capacity and usage, it could take from several minutes to even couple of hours. After that the scanned results will be displayed with all your photos and videos grouped into separate categories. If you have checked other file types in previous step, you can find extra folders or categories for them as well, such as Messages, Contacts, Gallery, Videos and more.

recover photos from android phones

Click to open the Galery category to preview all photos in thumbnails, or open the Videos category to preview the videos. Select the photos and videos you like to recover, then click the Recover button from the bottom right corner to choose a destination folder on your PC or Mac, then extract the raw photos and videos from Android phones or its memory card to computer. When the lost photos and videos are retrieved back and saved on your computer hard disk, they are very easy to share and transfer. See You can select and recover any highlighted or selected files, you can also recover all found photos or videos in a batch. Once the photos and videos recovered from phone to computer, they are very easy to share or transfer. If like, you can also put them back to your phone, check out this guide: How to transfer photos and videos from computer to Android?

Now you know how to restore deleted photos from Android phones. Download the Android photo recovery tool below and start getting back your lost photos, videos and more data now!

Android phone photo video recovery tips:

  1. You do not need to root your phone in order to use this Android recovery tool, although this program works best with rooted mobile phones. It should also work well with Android phones that are not rooted. For more tips, tricks and troubleshooting, check out this Android data recovery guide.
  2. The Android phone recovery can help you retrieve lost data from all kinds of Android phones, like Samsung smartphones and tablets (Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Nexus, etc.), HTC smartphones such as HTC One, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Butterfly, LG phones, Sony Xperia phones, Motorola smartphone, Huawei and Lenovo phones, and many more Android phones and tablets. For example you can refer to these instructions to retrieve photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy phones.
  3. The last but not least thing is that you can actually back up your photos, videos and other data on Android phone or tablets from regularly by transferring them from mobile device to your computer. So in case of data loss caused by unforeseen circumstances, you can always restore them from backups. Here is an easy Android data transfer guide you can follow to easily transfer photos & videos from Android to computer.

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