Recover deleted Photos & Videos and more data from HTC Phones

HTC is a smartphone pioneer from Taiwan with a large user base around the world. Its HTC One X series are the best selling smartphones because of the revolutionary and innovative designs. Data security has become increasingly important as people save more and more private data on their mobile phones, such as photos, videos, contacts (phone numbers), SMS messages, music, etc. One important step to take is to backup your phone’s information. How many family member’s phone numbers can you remember? We store a lof of private data on our cell phones, just imagine what to do when you lost the phone. In earlier guides, we have talked a lot about how important to back up your data on the phone. By backing up your cell phone data you ensure to have it even when you don’t have the phone. In this article, we will discuss the issue further, you will learn how to recover lost data from HTC when you failed to back up the data in time. You save new data from time to time and it is impossible to do backups all the time. For example, when you have taken consecutive photos and want to keep the best one and delete all the rest, you may have selected and deleted your favorite photo. Same mistake could occur when you want to clear up contacts, messages, music playlist, video gallery on the cell phone. So in case of data loss without prior backups anywhere else, how to recover data from HTC phones?

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Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages from HTC Phones

Dr.Fone is the world’s first Android data recovery utility which has been released a while back. The tool will help recover data on HTC phones and tablets, including photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers, SMS messages, music WhatsApp data and so on. To perform data recovery from HTC phones using this tool, you need only a USB connection to the computer. You can then run the mobile phone recovery software on your PC to scan your HTC phone connected to the PC and extract the data from phone to computer. Nothing really too technicial. It offers the best procedure to recover data from HTC for average HTC smartphone users.You can download the Andriod recovery on to your Windows PC to continue to recover data from Android devices below.

Step 1. Connect HTC to computer

Get you HTC phone connected to computer through USB data cable that comes with your phone. The Android phone data recover will detect your cell phone automatically.
connect HTC android phone to computer for recovery

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging on HTC Mobile

Just like data reccovery from other Android phones, you need to turn on USB debugging on the phone before you can use the data recovery utility to scan your phone and recover data from it. If you are using HTC, want to know what usb debugging can do, how to activate it on your phone, you can check out this step-by-step guide to turn on USB debugging on HTC phones.enable USB debugging under developer options on HTC One smartphone

Step 3. Scan HTC phone’s storage

Before you actually use the data recovery software to scan your HTC phone (its internal storage and external storage, like SD card), you will have the chance to select file types to scan and recover, also the storage scanning mode. The file types selection can narrow down search to specific file types, such as contacts, text messages, videos, photos, music, etc. You can also take this step to speed up the phone scanning process. Other than search for all file types supported, you can scan your HTC phone for the partifular file type you need, thus save a lot of time. Under certain circumstances, you may want to enable data recovery of all kinds of files, such as recovering phone data after factory reset. There are basically two storage scanning modes: Standard mode and Advanced mode.

enable file types to recovery

Generally speaking you can try the Standard mode at first, as it is faster. If you can not find your lost data from HTC phones under the Standard mode, then switch to the Advanced mode which is more powerful to recover files, but takes longer in the scanning process.

select storage scanning mode in android recovery

Step 4. Recover Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages and more from HTC

When you finished scanning your HTC, you will get a result page with all found data listed. You can preview the data and selectively recover any files you like from HTC to computer. You can recover lost photos and videos from HTC, recover contacts and text messages from HTC, you can also recover music and other data from HTC smartphones following above instructions. On the free trial version of the data recovery for HTC, you can preview all found files, however you need to register the software to get full version in order to extract the found data from HTC phone to your computer.

recover contacts sms and data from htc phones

This HTC smartphone recovery software can recover existing, lost, deleted or formatted data from most HTC phones, like HTC One X+, HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One SV, HTC One V, HTC One M7, HTC One M8, HTC One M9, HTC One Max, HTC One Mini, HTC One Mini 2, etc. You do NOT need to root HTC before data recovery. In some rare cases, it might not work with certain old HTC models that have not been rooted.

When you have retrieved back your lost or deleted files from HTC phone to computer, you can save a copy of the data on your PC for backup meanwhile send them back from PC to HTC so you can access them anytime and anywhere you like using your phone.

We strongly advise you to back up your phone regularly so you do not have to follow above instructions to recover data from HTC phones. Anywhere there is no guarantee that it will work with all HTC phones or can help you retrieve back any deleted or lost data from your HTC phone or tablet. To be clear, this Android data recovery tool works with most other Android powered smartphones, not only HTC smartphones, but also Samsung Galaxy smartphone, LG phones, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo and more. For instance, you can refer to the steps to recover deleted photos videos from LG smartphones, recover deleted photos from Samsung phone, etc.

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  1. my phone keeps switching on and off at analyzing model, and was previously stuck at 90%. Why is this happening? my phone is a htc desire 816. please help.

    1. At the analyzing stage, the recovery software will try to root the phone to gain root access to its storage. The problem you met may caused due to the root failure. You can refer to this troubleshooting page see if any help.
      You can also follow this screenshot to send the log files to our support team, so they can look into this issue and provide more specific instructions.

    1. Hello timety,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      What’s your phone model and Android version please? From the first screenshot at step 1, you can see there will be three steps as below:
      1, connect device to PC
      2, identify your device
      3, device ready to scan
      Can the software identify our phone model properly? Did you see the 30 % in the identification process or scanning process? You can also refer to this troubleshooting page see if any help:
      From the page you will find the detailed instructions to use the recovery software properly, at the bottom section of it you can find the FAQs and trouleshooting tips.

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