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Want to recover photos from LG smartphones? Sometimes we may accidentally delete files on our LG mobile phones, sometimes we might formatted our SD card or reset our phone to factory status. There are various scenarios we could lost our data. There are many valuable files on our phones that we can not afford to lose, such as photos, videos, music, contacts, messages. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can recover deleted photos from LG smartphones. When photos, videos were deleted from LG Optimus phone, there is a very small chance they are permanently erased. Although they are invisible in the photo and video apps, the data actually stays on your phone waiting to be overwritten by new data. So we still have the last chance to retrieve those deleted photos and videos. That’s to say, if you want to get back the deleted photos on LG phone, act as soon as possible. Otherwise they will be overwritten and you will lose them permanently.

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Like we recover lost files from other mobile phones, such as recover photos videos from Samsung Galaxy, we will be using the same mobile recovery software in this LG mobile data recovery guide. This mobile recovery software sets it apart from its competitors for its reliability and simplicity. It is the world’s first Android phone recovery software and still the best so far. You can use it to find back a lot of deleted, formatted, data from LG or other Android phones, like photos, videos, messages, contacts, music, documents, etc. You can retrieve your lost data from both the LG phones’ internal ROM and its external storage, SD cards. Most similar phone recovery tools however can only scan the SD card and recover much less files. Meanwhile this phone recovery software is more of an advanced data solution for non-tech people. There are many data recovery solutions for cell phones, but this one is designed with the non-tech people in mind. It is very easy to recover photos from LG phones. Now download the phone recovery on to your Windows PC or Mac OS X computer below (It is not a mobile app).

Note that, the solution below works with almost all LG and other major Android powered smartphones, such as LG Optimus L5/L7/L9, LG G3, LG Thrill, LG Chocolate, LG Optimus F3, LG Optimus Dynamic, LG Intuition, LG Motion, Optimus 2X, Optimus 4X, Optimus G, Optimus G Pro, LG Volt, LG Mach, LG Venice, LG Escape, LG Spectrum, LG Splendor, LG Esteem, LG Marquee, and even more.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from LG Phones?

Step 1. Connect your LG phone to computer

You do not need to take out its SD card, simply connect your LG mobile phone with its memory card inside to the computer through USB data cord. This data recovery program can retrieve data from both SD card and your phone itself.

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If you have not enabled USB debugging on Android smartphone, you will be prompted to turn it on. So just follow on-screen tips to continue to data recovery below.

If your LG phone is locked and screen on the phone is broken, so you can’t unlock it. The photo recovery for Android can still work. If your phone screen was broken, USB debugging was disabled and you can’t access to the phone to turn it on, you can pop out the SD card and recover files from Micro SD card.

Step 2. Scan your LG phone for lost photos and videos

Run the phone recovery tool on your computer, it will detect your connected LG phone automatically. Before you start searching deleted files on LG phones, you have two options need to tweak.

Select Gallery and Videos to narrow down the search

As we have mentioned in the beginning, this LG phone recovery software can help you retrieve various data types, not only the photos and videos, but also contacts, text messages, audio files, documents, call logs, WhatsApp message and attachments, and more. To select only the specific file types, it can greatly save your time. So just tick to enable Gallery and Videos recovery.

enable photos videos recovery from LG smartphones

Under certain circumstances, you may delete or lost all valuable information on the phone, such as phone reset. So you can enable multiple or all data recovery, check out more details about how to recovery phone data after factory reset here.

Choose Standard or Advanced scanning mode

When you enabled photo recovery and video recovery in last step, you will be taken to another screen for more recovery options. You will be required to select a storage scanning mode, either the Standard Mode or Advanced Mode.

select storage scanning mode in android recovery

Under the Standard mode, you have two options: Scan for deleted files or Scan for all files. They are quite self-explanatory. If you can’t find your lost photos or videos under the Standard mode, you can switch to Advanced mode and scan your Android phone or tablet again. This mode takes you more time in the scanning for lost data, but it is able to find and recover more files from your device.

Step 3. preview and recover photos from LG to computer

After the scanning, the photo recovery software will display all found photos and videos in the result page where you can select to preview and recover photos from LG phone to computer or recover videos from LG to computer.

recover photos from LG phones

The photos and videos will be recovered from LG phone to computer. After that you can transfer the photos and videos from computer to your phone if like.

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    1. please make sure to download it on to your Windows PC or Mac computer as it is a desktop software, not an app for mobile phone. Also make sure to connect your computer to a fast network see if any help. If still no luck, please tell us your computer OS, windows or Mac, we will then provide you another downloading link.

  1. Hi,

    I’ve purchased the full version of the software and followed all the directions. The scan begins and gets stuck at 29% and stays stuck for hours. I literally left it connected to my Mac to scan all night and it’s still stuck on 29% The timer keeps counting down and restarting. There is a photo that was accidentally deleted 2 days ago that I would really love to recover. Is there anything else I can do? Why is it stuck on 29% while scanning. Should I try something else and start over? Was the $59 price tag worth it? If it somehow recovers that one photo, then yes!!

    1. What’s your specific phone model number and Android version please? Can you please capture the screen of the recovery software and send us via email (support at

  2. I have a lg Mach from sprint the touchscreen is black no icons I have a pin to unlock can I still use this software for pic recovery these pics not deleted resident on board

    1. If the touch screen of your LG phone is broken, you will not be able to enable the USB debugging. you will need to turn on the USB debugging option on the phone before this recovery software can scan your phone and retrieve files from it.

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