How to recover photos, videos, music from erased MicroSD cards?

Most Android phones allow users to erase their MicroSD card to quickly delete all files and documents saved on it so you do not have to manually delete the files from SD card one by one. Sometimes however you may format the MicroSD card without realizing you have saved important photos, videos or other documents on it without any backups or you have lost the backups unexpectedly. Is it possible to retrieve deleted files from SD card, or MicroSD card? Today’s advanced technology makes data recovery from our phone’s internal storage and external storage, like the MicroSD card, possible and easy. You do not have to learn anything really technical in order to recover deleted data from MicroSD card or restore data from erased MicroSD card. Today, we will talks about MicroSD card, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC data recovery.

Prerequisites for MicroSD card data recovery

  • Adapter for MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC or a MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC card reader;
  • MicroSD card data recovery software;
  • PC or Mac.

How to recover data from erased MicroSD card?

To recover files from erased MicroSD card, SD card or get back deleted files from MicroSD, MicroSDHC cards, you can follow these tips and instructions. Follow below steps, you can easily get back various data from your erased MicroSD card including photos, videos, music and documents. The solution works with MicroSD card made by Kingston, Sandisk, Samsung, OV, Toshiba, Sony, Netac, AData, Lexar, WSAS, Lenovo, Transcend, PNY and more.

Avoid data overwriting on MicroSD card

You should stop using your MicroSD card immediately when you want to retrieve lost data from it. The Android phone SD card data recovery solution we introduce here can help you scan MicroSD card to find recently deleted data and other deleted data that has not been overwritten by new data yet. Thus you should avoid any possible data overwriting for higher data recovery success rate.

Connect MicroSD card to computer via a card reader or adapter

Unmount SD card from your Android phone or other devices. Insert it to a compatible adapter or SD card reader, then connect it to your computer via the USB port or card reader. All computers should have multiple USB ports and almost all laptops have Card Reader for SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC. You should find the card reader mostly from either the left or the right side of your laptop.

For the MicroSD card data recovery software, we recommend this Android phone data recovery software. It can help you retrieve lost or deleted files and documents from both your Android phone’s internal storage or MicroSD cards. You can download the free trial version on to your PC or Mac computer below.

Run the mobile phone data retrieval program on your computer, the Android phone data recovery tab opens by default. Under this mode, you can directly scan the internal storage of your mobile phone, find and extract those deleted data from phone to computer. For example, you can refer to this guide to retrieve deleted photos videos from Samsung phones, and following tutorial helps Lenovo users recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phones. In this guide, we are going to retrieve erased data from MicroSD card, so you need to click the Android SD Card Data Recovery from the left navigation panel of this mobile phone data recovery software. You will the be prompted to connect the Micro SD to PC or Mac.

android microSD card data recovery

Select MicroSD card to recover

If you have followed our instructions above to connect up your SD card to computer, this SD card data recovery tool will list your connected MicroSD card so you can choose to recover data from it. See below screenshot.

select disk drive in android microSD card data recovery

Choose MicroSD card scanning mode

You can choose between Standard Mode(Scan for deleted files or Scan for all files) and Advanced Mode. The advanced mode will perform a deeper scan thus it takes more time but able to find more lost files and documents from your MicroSD card. IF the Standard Mode is not successful in finding your lost files, you can always try scan the MicroSD card again using the Advanced Mode.

select storage scanning mode in android microSD card data recovery

Scan MicroSD card – search lost data

This is the most time-consuming part in the whole data recovery. Depends on your SD card storage space and its usage, normally it may take from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

select storage scanning mode in android microSD card data recovery scanning storage

Recover photos, videos, music and more from MicroSD card

Once the Android phone SD card data recovery utility has finished scanning your MicroSD card, the searching results will be grouped into Gallery, Videos, Audio and Documents. You can click Gallery to preview and export deleted pictures and photos from MicroSD card to computer, recover deleted movies and videos from the Videos category, retrieve lost songs, audios, music tracks, sound recordings from the Audio category.

recover deleted photos from microSD card using select storage scanning mode in android microSD card data recovery

Your photos, videos and music will be saved at their original file format from MicroSD card to your computer. Open the output folder of this MicroSD card data recovery software to find all recovered files from there.

MicroSD card recovery vs SD card recovery
As we mentioned above, you need to connect MicroSD card to computer via an external card reader or adapter. For data recovery from SD card, such as those SDHC card, SDXC card from digital cameras, which is larger than MicroSD card, you may be able to directly put it into the card reader of your laptop without a external card reader or adapter.

Recover more files and documents from MicroSD card using another data recovery tool
The above Android phone and MicroSD card data recovery solution should be able to help you get back most types of files and documents. If you have some special file types deleted from MicroSD card, such as a database file, or if you have tried to scan for deleted photos from your micro SD card using above Android phone data recovery software without luck, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted files from SD cards. This tutorial introduces another more professional and powerful data recovery software which supports more file types and more data recovery modes that can help you find and retrieve more files. To be short, if the lost data can’t be found or retrieved using the Android phone data recovery software, you should try the latter data recovery program and follow the steps as specified in previous linked article.

It can help you get back lost files from all kinds of SD cards, like SDHC card, SDXC card, SD card, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, etc. It does not matter if you use the SD card in a mobile phone, digital camera or other digital devices.

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