Recover deleted files from SD Cards

sd card recovery

There are many reasons people lost files on SD card or memory card. If you use a microSD card on mobile phone, you may lost data after phone reset. If you use a SD card on your digital camera, like the Canon and Nikon DSLR, you may accidentally delete the photos or videos saved on the SD card on a camera. Sometimes when your SD card corrupted, you connect the corrupt SD card to a PC or Mac, you will be asked to format the SD card, saying “SD card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” If you reformat the SD card you will remove all data saved on it, so do NOT do that.

Common SD card data loss scenarios:

  • Accidentally deletion
  • SD card formatting
  • Virus inflection
  • SD card corruption
  • Abrupt power failure

In this guide, we will show you steps to recover SD card files. If you have a MicroSD card from an Android phones, you can also refer to this tutorial to recover deleted photos, videos, music from erased MicroSD card. Your data can be recovered under various situations, when they have been deleted, formatted or lost. When you found data disappeared, can’t be found or inaccessible on a SD card, do not use it as new data can overwrite those deleted data which makes them permanently lost. Deleted data will be flagged and new data saved to your memory card may overwrite these deleted data. So when you accidentally deleted files on mobile phone or camera, you should stop using your device and perform a scan and recovery immediately. It needs only 3 steps to restore SD card data like photos, videos, music and more data on Windows PC and Mac.

How to recover data from SD card or Memory card?

We will be using, RecoverIt, a total data recovery solution which can help you recover up to 550 file formats, like photos, videos, music, documents, emails and much more on your computer hard drive, Flash drive, external hard drive, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, music players and more. You can find more information about this tool and download it below.

Step 1. Connect the SD card to your computer

Insert your SD card to the SD card reader of your laptop or insert your SD card to an adapter or SD card reader, then plug in it to your computer card slot or USB port.

Step 2. Scan the SD card for recoverable files and data

The data recovery application comes with flexible recovery modes. They are designed with users and requirements in mind. You can choose the one suits your needs the best. You can simply follow the Wizard Mode Recovery to find lost files by answering security questions. You can also choose Lost File Recovery or Partition Recovery for a quick recovery. Lost File Recovery can restore formatted and deleted files with their original file names and paths. Partition Recovery can retrieve corrupted or lost partitions, with all data intact. If these two recovery modes can’t get back your lost files. You can switch to the Raw Recovery. It will perform deep scan on your device and reclaim data even when the file system is corrupted.

data recovery modes

Step 3. Preview and Recover SD card files

recover files from sd card

Some files, like the photos and other documents, can be previewed before you go to regain them by exporting from SD card and saving to your computer. For videos, you may only be able to view a picture thumbnail. File names and paths will also be displayed under the Lost File Recovery and Partition Recovery modes. All files and data found in the scanning process will be recoverable. They will be grouped into different categories, so you can easily find and put them back to computer.

All kinds of SD cards, MicroSD card or memory cards are supported, like Lexar, PNY, Kingston, Transcend and many more. Also check out this post and see how to recover deleted photos from Sandisk SD cards.

You should be able to get back deleted files either you manually deleted it by mistake, format the SD card or files lost due to power failure or virus inflection. However if your SD card is physically broken or damaged, not recognizable on your computer, you can use another way to connect it to a computer. If you forget, scroll back to step 1 for the details. If the computer still not able to detect or accept the SD card, try your luck on another computer.

Recover deleted photos from cameras & SD card

You can also directly connect your digital cameras, like Nikkon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, to computer and run the data recovery software to retrieve lost photos videos from camera to your computer.

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  1. I used the free trail to try to recover deleted It did not work Now my files all stopped working What to do?

    1. what kind of SD card do you have and the file types you want to recover from it? do you mean the SD card can’t be accessed from a computer or mobile phone?

  2. free trial does not work. as many others reported it restarts phone then freezes at 99% (in my case twice)

  3. and even if it works as free trial , when it comes to identify your device it keep loading untill it come 85% and then it stopped ! please help me and tell me what to do , does it work with HTC One m8 ?

    1. What kind of data are you going to retrieve?
      The above data recovery from SD card can help you recover files from SD card not mobile phones. You need to connect your SD card to a computer with a card reader.

      If you mean this Android data recovery software, it works with HTC One m8 for data recovery from both internal memory and external memory card.

  4. If you have lost any photos or videos from SD card, then you don’t have to worry. You can use the Recover software to recover SD card files within short span of time. This software can locate and recover SD card data from all types of SD cards even in worst data loss scenario.

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