Recover WhatsApp Messages on Samsung

whatsapp for mobileAre you using WhatsApp for Android on your smartphone? WhatsApp is a great cross-platform messaging app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones. A lot of mobile phone users consider this messenger as great alternatives to Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Tencent QQ. Other than send messages, it can also share many files across mobile phones. For example, you can send videos between mobile phones using WhatsApp, transfer photos on mobile phones through WhatsApp, and many more. As long as you have wi-fi connection on the phone, you can use WhatsApp for mobile to send unlimited text messages, voice messages, image files, videos for Free. Sometimes you have misplaced files received through WhatsApp or deleted them by mistake. In this guide, we will share with Samsung smartphone users an easy solution to recover WhatsApp messages and received files through WhatsApp. You will be able to recover lost or deleted WhatsApp messages and attachements from your Samsung mobile phone without any perior backups.

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Samsung data recovery software is the only tool required in order to recover lost data on your smart phone. You can download it for free from below link. Note that this is a desktop software for Windows. You need to download in on to your PC other than your mobile phone or Mac computers.

data recovery for samsung smartphones

There will be only a few steps to get back your lost WhatsApp data on Samsung phones. Firstly go to enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone. Then connect your Samsung phone to computer through USB data cable that comes with the phone. Follow the on-screen tips to allow the data recovery program to scan your phone’s storage and recover data from it. Before you start the WhatsApp recovery, you will need to enable WhatsApp messages and attachements recovery within the mobile phone recovery. See below screenshot.

enable whatsapp messages & attachments recovery from android phones

Once the Samsung data recovery program finished scanning your phone, you will get the scan result screen as below.
recover deleted whatsapp messages and attachments from samsung phone
The found WhatsApp chats, messages and attached files in the WhatsApp conversations will be separated into two groups WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachements. Your WhatsApp chat history, files sent or received through WhatsApp will be displayed in the middle screen of the data recovery software for Samsung and other Android devices. Before you acutally recover the WhatsApp files, you can preview them on the right column of this tool. Select the WhatsApp messages, photos, videos or other files, then click the Recover button on the bottom right corner, you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can choose a folder on your computer to save the WhatsApp data.

If you can’t find the lost files and data from WhatsApp on your Samsung phone, you can refer to this guide to see other ways to recover WhatsApp messages and files from Android phones.