How to recover Word document with WPS Office?

Accidentally deleted a word file or deleted some important content from your document? Computer crashed before you save the Word document? If you use WPS Writer to edit the Word document on Windows PC, you can try to recover deleted, unsaved, lost Word document from its auto backups and following are the quick steps to do that.

Run WPS Writer on your PC, click Writer at the top left corner, then choose Options from the drop-down menu. Or click the down arrow besides Writer at the top left corner, choose Tools from the drop-down menu, then select Options from the sub-menu. What we are looking for is the auto save folder of the word processor. Once the Options opens in a new window, you can find categories on the left panel. At the bottom of the left panel is the Backup Center where you should try your luck when you deleted file or data by mistake, file changes not saved. The Smart Backup option is enabled by default. WPS Writer will do the backup for you automatically when a backup is necessary. Click View Backup button to view all saved copies of your Word file. Open and double check the auto-saved copies in the Writer. If you found the right file or data, copy it over to another document or save it as a new copy to your computer.

WPS Office backup center, manage backups on Windows pc

WPS Writer backup and recovery tips

  • By default you can find your backups from C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\kingsoft\office6\backup. So you can also choose to open this file location in File Explorer on your Windows PC and find the auto backups directly.
  • Other than the Smart Backup, you can also specify the backup interval in the Backup Center to let WPS Office create backups regularly. Say, you can set the backup interval to 3 minutes, so the Writer backup your documents every 3 minutes.
  • If you do not use WPS Office to open or edit Word documents, DOC, DOCX, files, you will need a third-party data recovery in case of data loss. This data recovery tool is able to retrieve more deleted file types in general, such as music, pictures, videos, etc.

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