Reduce PDF file size using Adobe Acrobat

PDF scanner apps can capture paper documents and save them as PDF files on your mobile phones. It is very convenient to digitize paper documents, books, notes, receipts or anything you want using your smart phone. Some of these scanned documents might be too big to send through email. In this article, we will show you how to convert PDF to smaller size using Adobe Acrobat Pro on computer.

How to reduce PDF file size using Acrobat Pro?

Run Adobe Acrobat Pro on your Windows or Mac computer. Drag and drop the large PDF file to open it in the Acrobat PDF program. Click File menu, select Save As Other… from the drop-down menu, choose Reduced Size PDF … from the sub-menu.

adobe acrobat pro reduce pdf file size on windows pc

After that you will see a pop-up dialog where you can optionally select the Acrobat version you need to make the compressed PDF file compatible. Click OK button, choose a location to save the PDF file, type a new name if like and save it to your computer.

reduce file size using acrobat on windows computer