Remove audio from video with QuickTime Player on Mac

Want to remove audio before sharing a video on social media? Need to delete sound from video before adding background music, narration or voiceover to it? In an earlier post, we used iMovie to delete sound from videos on Mac. As a bonus, we’ll show you another free yet easy way to remove audio from a video on Mac computer using another built-in software, the QuickTime Player.

Mac OS comes with a wide range of apps already installed for free, where in Windows you have to pay a fortune for them, notably its office suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), GarageBand, iMovie, etc.

Steps to delete audio from video using QuickTime player

Firstly run QuickTime player on your Mac. You can use the Spotlight Search to quickly find and launch QuickTime Player. Then open the video you want to delete its sound track. Or go to File > Open File menu to find and open the video in QuickTime.

Once the movie or video is opened in QuickTime, click on Edit from the top menu bar, select Remove Audio from the expanded menu list. See below screenshot.

remove audio from video with QuickTime Player Mac

Finally go to the File menu and select Save. In the pop-up window, give the muted file a different name, and/or choose a different location so as not to overwrite the original video when saving it to your Mac. You can also choose File > Export As. Then select video resolution, 4K, 1080p, 720p and/or 480p. Depending on the size of the original video, you may find some of these resolutions are greyed out.

Optionally enter a name for the new video and pick a new location where you want to save the video. Save the muted video to your Mac. Then go to find it from Finder and play it with QuickTime player or your preferred media player to ensure the audio track has been removed and the video can be played properly.