Remove image background using Snagit for Mac

Want to change a different background color for your photo? Need to remove background color from an image? Sometimes when you plan to insert an image file to a presentation or document, you may want to do so to keep the background of the image and document the same. In previous articles, we showed you how to remove image background on Mac with Preview and delete background from image using Paint in Windows 10, no third-party app required. Many other photo editors even screen capture tools can also be used for this task. Snagit is a good example. In this quick guide, we will show you several ways to remove image background, change background color, make image with transparent background using Snagit on a Mac.

About the screen capture and editor

Snagit is a professional screen capture software with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording. It has advanced features that go beyond a screenshot program. It provides many extra editing tools we can use to enhance our screenshots. You can find more details about Snagit screen capture and editor here.

Important Tips

Make sure to duplicate the original image first, and edit the copy instead of the original one. So you won't lose the original photo if something goes wrong.

Make image background transparent or change a different background color using Fill

Fill is probably the easiest tool to make the image background transparent or change a different background color. It works the best with images that have a white background, solid color, or high-contrast backgrounds.

Take a screenshot and enable Preview in Editor option so the captured image will be opened in Snagit Editor directly. Or go go open an existing image in Snagit Editor. Select Fill from the top toolbar, go to the right pane, find Tool Properties > Fill and choose a different background color or transparent, then click on the background of the image on the canvas or in the preview window to quickly delete image background or change background color.

remove image backgroud using transparent fill tool with snagit editor on mac

When you have an image with lots of different shades, you can adjust the Tolerance of the fill also in the Tool Properties section on the right pane to enhance the image. One percent is the most strict and drag this Tolerance bar to adjust it.

Go to save the image as a new one. If you want to remove the background from an image or get a photo with transparent background, save your image or photo in PNG file format.

Delete image background using Magic Wand

On the top toolbar of Snagit Editor, you can see the default tool types. Click the More button to expand the more tool types list. Select Magic Wand from the list.

Magic Wand helps users quickly select an area on the canvas based on color. It is ideal for selecting areas of a single color that do not include complex backgrounds or patterns. Click on the background of your image on the canvas to select the background color, press Delete on your keyboard to delete the background color.

delete image backgroud using magic wand tool with snagit editor on mac
delete image backgroud using magic wand tool with snagit editor on mac

Save your image or photo as PNG file so you get a photo with transparent background.

Select and delete image background

Other than automatic selection of the background, you can also use the Selection tool in Snagit Editor to manually select any parts of an image or its background, then cut, copy, move, delete, edit, or apply effects to the selection.

Click the Selection tool and the tool properties appear on the right pane. Choose a selection shape: Square, Ellipse, Polygon, or Freehand. Then make a selection on the background and delete the selection.

Erase image background

Except Fill and Magic Wand, you can also use the Eraser in Snagit Editor to remove background from pictures. It may not be so efficient as the other two tool types mentioned above. But you can always use this tool in conjunction with Fill and Magic Wand to edit images and screenshots and get better result. For example, when a Magic Wand can’t select all the background areas, you can use Eraser to manually delete any area from the background.

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