Remove screen lock on LG phones

Doctor Phone is an award winning program that can undelete or recover deleted files and data after that have been deleted on mobile phones, both Android and iOS devices are supported. Android Screen Lock Removal is one of its many useful tools in this mobile phone toolkit. It allows users to recover data from locked Android phones. It is small, fast, powerful and very practical. Forgot screen lock password, passcode, PIN, patter or fingerprint? The screen lock removal provides us a fast way to remove screen lock on Android phones. It works with LG smartphones, Samsung Galaxy phones and more phones to be compatible in future upgrades. See also this guide to remove screen lock from Android mobile phones. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how it can remove lock on LG phone in 5 minutes and recover data from locked LG phone with unknown or forgotten password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint or even can’t enter the password due to a broken screen of LG mobile. Some of the supported LG phone models are listed as following. Note that not listed does not mean not supported. We will upgrade the screen lock removal in future upgrades and we may not be able to update below list in a timely manner. It is recommended to download the free trial version on to your PC and test it out.

  • LG G2: F320K, F320L, F320S, D800, D801, D802, D802TA, D803, D804, D805, D806, VS980, LS980, L-01F, D618, D620, D620R, D620K, D295;
  • LG G3: D850, D851, D852, D853, D854, D855, D856, D857, D858, D859, F400K, F400S, F400L, StylusD690, StylusD690N, SD722, SD722K, SD724, SD725, SD728, LTEF460;
  • LG G4: H810, H811, H812, H815, H815T, H815TR, H815P, LGLS991, VS986, LGUS991, H735, H735DS, H525N, StylusH631, StylusLGMS631, StylusH635, StylusH540, StylusH630D, StylusH542, DualH818N, DualH818P;
  • More LG phones: Optimus L70D320, Optimus L70D320F8, Optimus L70D325, Optimus L70MS323, Optimus L70AS323, Optimus L90D415, F60 MS395, Volt LS740, Optimus L70D321, Transpyre VS810PP, G Flex 2AS995, G Flex 2LS996, G Flex 2H950, G Flex US995, G Flex LS995, G Flex D950, G Flex D959, Tribute LS675, Tribute LS676, etc.

Steps to remove screen lock on LG and recover data from locked LG phone

There are only 4 steps to remove lock from LG phone and recover data from locked LG phone using this screen lock removal.

Step 1. Connect LG phone to PC

Download and install the LG phone screen lock removal program on your computer first.

doctor phone toolkit for android v8

Launch the Android phone data recovery toolkit on your PC, and select Android Screen Lock Removal from its home interface. Attach your LG mobile phone to computer via USB cable. Then click the Start button to get started.

android screen lock removal

Step 2. Put your LG phone into Recovery Mode

The Android lock removal will now show the steps to enter the Download Mode on LG phone.

  1. Power off your LG mobile
  2. Press and hold Volume Download and Power button combination at the same time until you see the LG log is displayed
  3. Now release both buttons and then press and hold them again
  4. Keep pressing the keys until the recovery mode menu is finally displayed on your LG mobile phone

Step 3. Download Recovery Package to LG phone

The download of the LG recovery package will begin automatically once your phone is in the Recovery Mode. The LG screen lock removal will search, find and download it by itself. Keep your PC connected to the internet without interruption.

android lock screen removal - download recovery package

Step 4. Remove screen lock from LG phone

When the screen lock removal finished downloading the recovery package onto your LG phone. It will begin to remove screen lock from your LG phone. And again this will also be done automatically all by itself. You just need to wait until the LG screen removal says ‘Remove Password Completed’. Now you can access your LG phone without any screen lock, password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint. You can now view all your personal files and data on LG phone.

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