Rename files and folders on LG mobile phone

To help keep files and docs well organized on mobile phones, you may need to rename the files and folders. Renaming of a file or folder is a very basic feature on any Android phones. In this article, we will show you how to rename files and folders, change file extension on LG mobile phone.

Procedure to rename files, folders and extensions on LG phone

From your home screen, find and tap to open File Manager app. Browse to the file or folder you like to rename. Long press on it which you want to rename till a new pop up comes up where you can find various options you can manage the selected file or folder. Select Rename from the menu, the Rename dialogue pops up. You can then edit the current file name, folder name or even change file extension from there. Type in the new file name, folder name or file extension. After the change, tap Save button, the name of the file or folder, or file extension gets renamed or modified.

rename files folders in file manager on lg mobile phone

Renaming files and folders on LG phone is a simple process. In fact, except the above method, you can also rename certain types of files and documents from within appropriate apps on the phone. For example, you can rename photos and videos in the stock Gallery app on LG mobile phone.

Renaming folders on LG phone home screen is slightly different. You can follow this guide to rename folders on home screen of LG phone.