Rename home screen folders on LG phone

Folders helps us organized apps, icons, short-cuts on our home screen of smartphones. A properly arranged home screen not only looks more pleasing but also helps improve productivity. Today we will discuss how to create new folders and rename folders on LG mobile phones.

Create a folder on LG phone

On your phone home screen, simply drag and drop an app icon over another to put them into a new folder. The new folder will be named as just ‘Folder’. You can then follow below steps to edit the folder name on home screen of LG mobile.

Rename a folder on LG mobile phone

Unlike some other Android phones, you cannot long press on a folder name to rename it on LG mobile. To edit the names of folders on LG devices, tap to open the folder first, then tap the folder name in the folder header, the keyboard will show up at the lower section of your phone screen and the current folder name becomes editable. Enter a new name of the folder and tap OK to save.
Rename home screen folders on LG phone

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