How to reset Xiaomi phone?

Want to reset all settings to factory default on Xiaomi phone? Want to quickly delete all stored content, like music, photos, videos, and other user data from Xiaomi mobile phone? Your cell phone runs extremely slow? Your smartphone crashes a lot? If you are using a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, that are Android powered, and you are facing above situations, you can try to perform factory data reset on the phone to fix these problems. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can reset Xiaomi phone. Before that however a backup of your personal data from phone to computer is highly recommended. You can follow this guide to back up data from Xiaomi phone to computer.

How to perform factory data reset on Xiaomi phone?

Unlock your Xiaomi or Redmi smart phone, tap to run Settings app on the phone, choose Additional settings >> Backup & reset. See below figure.

xiaomi settings backup & reset

Once you opened the Xiaomi Backup & reset screen, you can find the Personal Data section with the Factory data reset option.

xiaomi phone backup and reset settings

Touch to open the Factory data reset on Xiaomi phone, you can then erase all personal data, such as your Mi Account info, app data, system settings, from your mobile phone. Meanwhile you can choose to erase all store content on Xiaomi or Redmi phones, including music, photos, videos, and other user data. To completely remove everything from your phone, both user data and system settings, tap on Reset phone button, they you will need to verify the Mi account password if you have linked your phone with a Mi account.

xiaomi factory data reset - reset xiaomi phone

Hard reset Xiaomi phones

If you can’t perform factory data reset on Xiaomi phone following above steps, you can also boot your phone to the Recovery mode, then wipe data and perform factory reset from there. You can check out this tutorial to perform hard reset on Xiaomi phone.

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