Restore files from Trash on Mac

Since the Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), Mac has a new feature to restore deleted files from trash bin, named ‘Put Back’. You can restore a file that has been removed from Find and sent to the Trash on Mac. In this guide, we will firstly show you the simple steps to restore files from Mac Trash bin to their original folders. Then we will discuss some situations you can’t use this method to retrieve deleted files. Finally we will illustrate how you can get back files that have been deleted from Trash bin on Mac OS X or deleted completely without sending to Trash bin.

Steps to Restore a File from Trash on Mac

Restore a File from Trash on Mac
1. Click to open the Trash folder from the Mac dock
2. Select an item in the Trash, Right-Click on the file within the Trash and select ‘Put Back’ from the contextual menu
The deleted files will be put back in their original location on your Mac.

Tips & Tricks to Recover deleted Files from Trash on Mac

You can also press the Command+Delete keys to send a selected item in the Trash to it’s location prior to the Trash.

If you like to restore multiple, several or all files from trash bin on Mac, you can use the multi-selection and batch recovery method. Simply select different files, or all the files in the Trash, then right click to put them all back in their original location on your Mac.

In Snow Leopard and later versions you may also find you are able to restore a selected folder.

In case you cannot put back multiple files from trash folder on Mac, you can always use the drag and drop way to move them from trash bin to any folder you like within Finder on Mac. The reason why the “Put Back” in trash not available sometimes when selecting multiple items could be the missing original folders info or unusual locations.

Files deleted from Trash bin on Mac OS X or deleted completely without sending to Trash

Normally when you delete a file or folder on Mac OS X, the file or folder will go into the Trach bin on Mac. If you open the Mac trash bin and delete the files or folders again, they will be removed from your computer completely. Also when you choose the empty the trash, all deleted files and folders in Mac trash bin will be dumped. These operations results permanent data loss from your Mac machine. Actually there are some rare cases would also make you permanently lose data or files on Mac. For example, when your trash can reaches its quota, it starts deleting files from the trash bin automatically, when the file you delete is too big to be hold in the trash bin, it will not be moved or sent to the trash bin folder, it will be removed from your computer directly. Deleting a file or a folder using Command + Delete key combination can also by pass the Mac trash bin and completely remove the data from your computer.

Can we recover files deleted from Mac trash or from emptied trash bin?

recover trash mac

We said that when the files and folders are deleted from trash bin and you lost the data permanently. And there is no undo operation to restore those files back to your Mac trash bin. Is there still any chance to recover those deleted files from trash bin or after we have emptied the trash bin can we still get back the files? Yes, you can achieve that. Mac OS X does not come with such a data recovery tool, you need to use a third party software to recover data that has been cleared from your trash can on Mac OS X. Data recovery from Wondershare is such a professional data rescue solution you can use and trust. It can’t help you get back any data any time you want them. However if you can use this data recovery software immediately to recover a file or folder that has just been deleted, you can be assured to get them back with 100% before they are overwritten. So be quick!!

Important Tips: Don’t download and install any program in the place where you lost the files that you plan to get back. Select another partition on your Mac computer instead. Remember what we have said before, you can only get back your deleted file before they are overwritten.

Steps to Recover your Trash Bin on Mac

Step 1. Run Data recovery for Mac
You will immediately be prompted to choose a recovery mode from Lost File Recovery, Raw Recovery, Partition Recovery and Resume Recovery. The quickest way to recover your Mac trash bin is to select the Lost File Recovery. It requires only a few minutes to scan your trash bin and help you restore files deleted from the trash bin. If you can’t find the deleted files under this mode, you can go to the Raw Recovery mode, which will scan your hard disk deeply. It i more powerful to help you retrieve data, meanwhile it is also more time comsuming.
deleted file recovery mode on mac
Step 2. Scan trash bin on Mac
Select your trash bin or any other location you lost your source data, or search all possible hard drives from the missing data or files.
lost file recovery mac
Step 3. Preview and recover lost data
After the scanning process, you will get the result page with all recoverable files this data recovery tool for Mac has found. If the document or file is a photo or video, you can preview them before you recover and save them to your Mac machine. For other files types that can not be previewed, you and recover them directly back to your computer and decide to delete them again or not later.
lost file preview and recover mac

Mac File Recovery Tips:

When you recover or restore the deleted files back to your computer, make sure NOT to save the recovered files in the same place where you deleted or lost them. Because when you restore a file back to its original place, it might overwrite other files to be recovered. This might cause other files unrecoverable. When the scan finishes, double check the scan result, all your deleted files are listed with their original path. For example, if you deleted a file from the Library or desktop, then when you try to recover it using this data recovery software, make sure not to restore it back to the Library or desktop, you should choose a different location, partition or hard drive. Do you lost files on iOS devices? You need an iPhone data recovery software. Many data on your Apple mobile devices can also be recovered. For example you can refer to this guide to recover deleted Reminders on iPhone iPad iPod touch.

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