Restore Samsung Kies Backup File to iPhone and Other Mobile Phones

Generally speaking if you want to transfer data from a Samsung smartphone to iPhone or other phones, like HTC, LG, Moto, Lenovo, Huawei, Nexus, you can simply connect both Samsung and the other phone to your computer and use the Mobile transfer software to directly copy data from Samsung to other phones. For example, you can refer to this guide to transfer data from Samsung to Lenovo phones. Sometimes however you may want to restore Samsung Kies backup files to iPhone or other phones. For instance, you might have already backed up Samsung to computer through Kies then reset Samsung phone to clear all its data. Unfortunately Kies just allow you to restore backup file to another Samsung phone. If you want to restore Samsung backup file to iPhone or other mobile phones, Kies can’t help. Is it possible to restore Samsung backup file to iPhone or other Android phones? Check out below instructions.

How to Restore Samsung Kies Backup to iPhone or other Mobile Phones?

Run the mobile phone transfer software on your PC or Mac, you will get its home screen like this.

mobile phone data transfer

This mobile phone data management and transfer program shows various modes in its home page, such as phone to phone data transfer, backup phone, restore phone, erase phone. Click to enter Restore from Backups mode and choose Kies.

choose backup files to restore to cellphone within mobile transfer

Now the mobile phone transfer program will automatically search for Samsung kies backup files saved on your computer. Connect you mobile phone to computer through USB data cable, the transfer software can then detect your phone connection. See below screenshot.

restore samsung kies backup to iphone

All your Samsung Kies backup files will be listed within the phone transfer software. Kies backup files will be sorted by date. Choose the one you like to restore. Then choose the file types within the Kies backup file you like to restore to the phone connected. We use an iPhone in this demo to show you how to restore Samsung Kies backup to iPhone or other phones other than Samsung phones. Various data contained in your Kies backup file can be restore to other phones, like contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, videos, music. Once you have selected the content to restore, click Start Copy button to copy data from Kies backup to iPhone or other mobile phones.

Transfer Samsung Kies Backup to Other Mobile Phones — Video demo