How to retrieve lost & deleted iWork files on Mac?

Having trouble finding where your iWork documents, spreadsheets or presentations on Mac? Pages, Numbers and Keynote are the must-have apps on a Mac, iPhone or iPad, just like MS Office to Windows PC. The more files and documents you create and save on Mac, the more difficult it becomes to find a file. If you can’t locate a iWork document, spreadsheet or presentation in their original folder they were saved before or you just can’t remember the folder or its path, you can use Spotlight to search for the iWork files by keywords, the same way you search for other file types, apps, images, etc. If no luck, you should also check the Trash bin on Mac as you may have deleted them by accident. Note that if you know the files have been deleted and have been removed completely from recycle bin, you can follow this guide to restore files from emptied trash bin on Mac.

Today, we will introduce an advanced data recovery software for Mac which can help us scan and find what we’re looking for on Mac easily. What’s more, the powerful data recovery capability enables you to restore various of deleted files and documents on Mac, like audios and music, images and photos, videos, email, archive, various docs. A lot of document types are supported, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML/HTM, INDD, EPS,PAGES, NUMBERS, KEYNOTE, etc. You can learn more about using this data recovery and explore other features of it at the lower section of this article.

Part 1. How to find lost iWork files on Mac using Data Recovery?

Download the software on to your Mac below.

data recovery for mac

Install and run the data recovery program, click the ‘Lost File Recovery‘ mode from its home screen. We’ll talk about other recovery modes and features at the lower section of this article.

scan documents using mac data recovery

Then click to select your Mac hard disk from the Logical Drives box. Below the hard drives selection box, there is a very useful option ‘Select File Kind‘. You can narrow down your search to specific types, choose Document in this case. This can help us speed up the searching process for iWork files and documents on Mac. Finally hit the Scan button at the top of the Mac data recovery program to allow the software to search your Mac hard drive for the missing iWork files for you.

recover deleted iworks pages numbers keynote files using mac data recovery

Once it has finished the search, you will be able to preview the found files and data. If you have not found the lost files, you can go back to previous screen and enable Deep Scan. It will take more time, but can find more files with complete folder structure. From the scan result page, you can find folder structure and document’s file names. This can help you quickly locate the missing iWork files in Finder or through Spotlight.

Part 2. How to recover deleted iWork files on Mac using Data Recovery?

If you can’t find the iWork documents, spreadsheets or presentations in Finder or Spotlight on Mac, even after enabling Deep Scan, most likely these files have been deleted from your computer. For example, the data recovery shows the iWork files, Pages documents, Numbers spreadsheet files, Keynote presentations are in the Trash bin on Mac, but your Trash bin is actually empty. In such case, you can use the Data Recovery to get them back. Select the iWork files you like to retrieve, click the Recover button at the top, then choose a folder on your Mac to save the selected files.

To complete the recovery of lost files using the software, you will need to register the software first. If you do not have a registration code, you need to click the Buy Now button in the software to purchase the full version and thus get the license code.

Important data recovery tips:

If your lost files are found during the scanning process, do NOT run other software, download new apps, create or save new files, in case those found files and data being overwritten. If data overwriting occur, those deleted data will be erased permanently. You can click the Save Scan Info to save the scanned results for future recovery once you have purchased a full copy of the software.

More data recovery modes and features

From the home screen of this data recovery software, you can find three file recovery modes: 1) Lost File Recovery, 2) Raw Recovery, 3) Partition Recovery. We have introduced how you can scan iWork files and recover deleted iWork files under the first data recovery mode above. If this mode does not work, even after you have enabled deep scan, you should try the RAW recovery or partition recovery. These two modes are more powerful in searching and retrieving lost files and data. But the found files will be with no original names and folder structure.

Except scanning and recovering data from your local machine, this data recovery software can also help you find and recover files from memory cards, digital camera or camcorder, flash drive, USB drive, portable hard drive and removable drives. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover lost files from SD card, MicroSD, and following tutorial to retrieve deleted data from WD hard drive.