Right click in Parallels virtual machine without a mouse on Mac

If you want to install Windows OS on a Mac, you can choose to install the Windows OS on a virtual machine software for Mac, such Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox. When you are running a Windows OS in Mac virtual machine, the host and guest OS share the same mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB drive and so on. By default the keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks are sent to the Mac operating system instead of your Windows virtual machine. Advanced VM software, like Parallels Desktop, can automatically send the Mac system shortcuts to your virtual machine when the guest OS is in focus. However the keyboard shortcuts could be different between the host OS and the guest OS. What works on the Mac OS may not work on Windows. Today, we will show you perform right click in Parallels virtual machine on Mac as many Mac users use the keyboard and trackpad to click instead of a mouse and it can’t make right-click in the virtual machine.

Right click in Parallels virtual machine using the trackpad on Mac

You can use your keyboard and trackpad to make right-click on Mac. Simply press the control key when you tap on trackpad, or use the secondary click. The Mac uses a ‘secondary click’ in lieu of a right-click. You can click with two fingers on the touchpad to make right click on Mac. If you’re switching to the Mac from the PC world, you may not know this secondary click feature on Mac.

On your Mac, click the Apple icon at the top left corner, select System Preferences. Click on Trackpad. At the Point & Click tab, you can find the Secondary Click and ‘Click with two fingers’ is enabled.

Mac trackpad secondary click

You can change it to a different way to make the secondary or right click.  Click on ‘Click with two fingers’ to expand the list, you will get another two options ‘Click in bottom left corner’ and ‘Click in bottom right corner’. So instead of using two fingers touch for right-click, you can also tap the bottom left or right corner on the trackpad to right click on both the Mac OS and the Parallels virtual machines.

As we mentioned above, Mac system shortcuts may be sent to the virtual machine. Only the Mac secondary click can be sent and mapped properly in the Windows guest system. So if you want to right click in the Windows OS, simply click with two fingers on the touchpad or trackpad.

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