Root Android phone using Android Root for PC

android rootRooting Android is to modify the original Android mobile system so users can gain superuser or root access to the phone system. Android ROOT is a built-in utility of the Android phone data recovery program running on PC to root Android devices. Currently this Android Root supports more than 7000 Android devices, including Samsung phones, LG phones, HTC phones, Google Nexus, Motorola, Lenovo phones and many more. More new Android devices will be supported in future upgrades.

Important notes before rooting

  • Before using Android ROOT, users should be fully aware of the potential risks (including but not limited to) and in no event shall Android ROOT be liable for (i) any data loss incurred for the failure of previous backup, (ii) the voidance of device warranty by rooting, (iii) the inability to auto-update officially, (iv) the malfunctioning of certain applications caused by the changes of permission, (v) the misoperation and operation failure caused by the incomprehension of Android rooting.
  • Android ROOT does NOT contain any malicious codes aimed at undermining user data and accessing users’ private information, or any function codes monitoring and tracking user computer, does NOT monitor users’ online and offline behavior, collect any user information of other software and documents, or disclose any private information.

How to root Android phones using Android ROOT?

Download and install Android root software on your PC. Run it program on your computer, connect up your Android device to computer via USB. Click More Tools from the left panel of this software, Select ‘Android Root’. You can then find various useful tools in the toolkit of the main program.

android root software

The software will firstly check the root status of the attached Android device. If it has not been rooted yet, you will be prompted to agree the software user agreement. The developer wants all users to know the potential risks of rooting Android system. After that click the Start button to proceed. The Android root will then detect your phone to find a proper solution before rooting.

When Android Root is detecting your attached phone, do not disconnect your phone during this process. Sometimes your phone will restart several times before the Android Root can find the proper solution to root your Android phone. When the root tool finds a proper solution for your phone, you will see the Root Now button, just click on it to get your device rooted.

root android using dr phone android root utility

If no solution can root your phone, you will be alerted that the phone model is not supported right now and you are encouraged to submit your phone information if you need to root it urgently. The developer team will collect basic device information anonymously. They will update the Android Root to be compatible with the popular phone models submitted by users as soon as possible. Click submit button and you are done. No need to leave your email or provide any personal information.

Does Android Root void my device’s warranty?
It depends. Different phone manufacturers may have different warranty policy.

Can I root Android phone without computer?

The above Android Root is a PC software. In order to use it to get your phone rooted, you will need a PC. If you do not have a Windows PC, you can also download and use a root app for Android. Check out this app to root Android phone without a computer.

Can I remove root from my Android?

Once rooted, it is permanent, your phone will remain unrooted. If you like to remove root from the phone, check out this guide to unroot Android phones and remove root.

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