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Android rooting becomes very easy now. If you like to get root access to your Android phone or tablet, you can do it by yourself now. There are mainly two ways you can root Android phones. You can either download Android root software on to your computer and root Android phone with a computer, or you can download an Android root app on to your phone and directly root Android phone with a root app. In this guide, we will walk you through the quick Android rooting process with or without a computer. The rooting solutions we recommend below require minimal manipulations, download the root software, connect your phone, one click to root your phone and you are done!

Important Tips before Rooting your phone:

  • Rooting immediately voids your phone’s warranty. Some root program also allows you to unroot Android phones. You should consider put your phone back to unrooted status for better safety if possible.
  • During the rooting or unrooting process, there is a small chance you will lose data on RAM. Normally you will not lose data on the SD card. To be safe than sorry, still it is highly recommended to backup all your important data (contacts, messages, call history, music, photos, videos etc.) before you root Android. You can download and use this Android data backup & transfer software to export your mobile data to computer in case of data loss caused by unforeseen circumstances. As to the SD card, you can backup all data on it first or uninstall it before you start rooting your Android device.

#1. How to Root Android Phones using Kingo Root?

Step 1. Get Android Root for Windows

If you do not want to brick your phone with rooting you should use this Android Root, it is the risk free rooting solution for Android, without risk of bricking or damaging your phone. If you want a quick rooting tool that is easy to use, you should should this Anroid Root.

Download the free Android Root from Kingo website here. It is a Windows PC software. Run the Android_Root.exe downloaded to install it on to your computer. Launch Android Root, you will see a screen like this:

connect android device to computer for android rooting

Step 2. Connect your Android to computer

Connect the Android phone or tablet which you like to root to your computer through USB. You need to make sure your Android device is powered on and at least 50% battery available.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging on Android

Enable USB Debugging on your Android device following this guide, otherwise the Android Root might not be able to recognize your device.

root android phone

Step 4. Rooting Android

The Android Root will display your Android device or model in the upper left section. The root status of your Android device will be displayed below your device name. In the middle of the main screen, you will see important notifications about both the advantages and disadvantages of rooting an Android phone. When you are ready, click the ROOT button at the bottom section to root your Android phone or tablet connected. The rooting process will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Do not perform any operation on your device once you started the rooting. Most Android phones and tablet can be rooted using this tool. In this demo, you can see that we are rooting a Samsung galaxy S4. In fact you can use this tool, follow the same procedure to root HTC desire, Sony Xperia S and many other Android devices.

android rooting in process

Step 5. Finalize Android Rooting

When the rooting completed, you will see an on-screen notice like this: Root Succeeded! Please reboot your device to make it more stable.

android rooting finished

Now click Finish button to reboot your Android. Check your Android device, you will find the SuperSU icon, which means a successful ROOT.

If you forget to backup your data in advance and lost data in the rooting, you can follow below guides to recover your lost data from your Android phone even without any prior backups saved:

#2. How to Root Android & Get Root Access using iRoot?

iRoot, formerly Vroot, is a free one-click Android root tool designed by XINYI Network from China. You can download free iRoot software for Windows here.

iRoot is an easy-to-use rooting software tool. Enable the USB debugging mode, and connect your phone to the computer, then click the button “root” and now what you have to do is just waiting for the root result. Forget the complex and troublesome tutorials, everyone can control it easily.
iroot software for pc

#3. How to Root Android without computer using rooting apps?

Other than rooting Android phones with computer, you can also download rooting apps on to your mobile phone and get your phone rooted directly. This method however is not recommended if you want to root the phone for data recovery purpose, as downloading any apps onto your phone may overwrite those deleted data on the phone.

If you want to continue, please refer to this article for the details about how to root Android phones using rooting apps without a computer.
root android phone with iroot app

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