How to root HTC Desire?

unlock htc desireThere are different reasons why people root their Android phones, such as gain root permissions on the phone, install custom ROM, remove pre-install system apps. In this easy Android rooting guide, we will be using free Android root to root HTC Desire in minimal manipulations. If you are a beginner without much technical knowledge, you can use this one-click Android root software to get your HTC Desire rooted in just a few minutes. The rooting of HTC Desire is just like rooting other Android phones. If you use another phone or model other than HTC Desire, you can refer to other Android rooting guides. We also discussed how to root Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and how to root Sony Xperia in just one-click.

Like we have mentioned in earlier Android phone rooting tutorials, rooting your HTC Desire will void your warranty immediately. If you do not like your phone to be rooted any more, you can remove root from your phone. But unrooting your HTC Desire phone can’t help you regain the warranty. So be careful when you make the decision. The rooting of HTC Desire should take several minutes if nothing goes wrong. However it does not happen to all phones under all situations. Sometimes you it may take much longer. So make sure your phone has at least 50% battery left before rooting. One important thing before you rooting or unrooting your Android phone is to backup your data. This is critical. In case of any data loss, you can recover them from prior backups. For instance, you can refer to this guide to transfer contacts from Android to computer. This tutorial shows you how to transfer SMS messages from Android to computer.

How to root the HTC Desire?

You can root Sony and other Android phones without a computer now. It is much easier than using a root software on PC or Mac. Check out this guide to easily root Android phones using root app without a computer. What you need to do is to download Android root app, then use it to root your mobile phone directly on your device.

To unlock your HTC Desire and get the root access to your phone, you need to download the Android root software on to your PC (only works on Windows OS, Mac users will need to find other alternatives), then connect your phone to computer via USB, use the Android root to get your phone rooted in one-click, your phone will reboot automatically after rooting and you are done. You can download the Android root software here. I suggest you to read the entire guide before you proceed with outlined steps below. Because by doing so you can expect any trouble or problem in advance. If you do not feel confident, you can choose not to root your HTC Desire.

Step 1. Run Android Root on your PC

Install the free root software if not yet. Then run it on your computer, you will see a screen like below.

connect htc desire to computer to root

Step 2. Connect your HTC Desire to computer

Your device can be connected to computer via the USB data cable. Once you did that, the HTC Desire root software will automatically check your phone and the root status. If it can’t recognize your phone, you need to turn on USB debugging on your phone. If any driver missing on your phone, this Android rooting tool will automatically download it online. So also make sure you have good internet connection on the computer. When all is ready, you will be presented a single ROOT button from the bottom section of this HTC rooting program.

root htc desire

Step 3. Root your HTC Desire in one click

When you are ready, click the Root button to get your HTC Desire rooted.

rooting htc desire

Step 4. Finish HTC Desire rooting

The rooting process should take several minutes. When Android root software finished rooting the HTC Desire phone, you will see the ‘Root Succeeded’ notice. One last step to complete the HTC Desire rooting is to click the Finish button to reboot your phone and you are done!

htc desire was rooted

Now you have rooted your HTC Desire and have gained the super user privileges or root access to your smartphone. You can do anyting that requires the root access on your HTC Desire now, such as flash ROM to replace the stock HTC Sense ROM on your Desire.

More HTC Desire rooting tips:

Once you have rooted your HTC Desire mobile, you should check see if it can work properly and ensure no data loss due to the rooting. If you found any data lost, then recover them from your previous backups. In case of no prior backups, you need to use a professional Android data recovery tool to retrieve the data from your HTC Desire phone directly. See some tutorials below:

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