How to Root LG phones?

Are you using an Android powered LG smart phone and looking for a solution to root the device? By rooting your mobile phone, you can get super user permissions to your mobile device. In some cases by rooting your Android phone you’ll be able to do things that carriers, manufacturers, and/or Google may not want you to do or can’t help you with, such as getting root-only apps, updating to latest OS, uninstalling pre-installed apps by your carrier on LG device, recover deleted photos and other data from LG without backups and many more. In this demo we will use an LG G2 d802 model to demonstrate how to root LG smart phones, such as LG G2, G3, G4, G Flex, Optimus, Spectrum, etc.

Steps to Root LG Android Phones

Firstly of all, go to this link to download the free Android root program. Run the phone rooting software on your PC and connect up your LG mobile using the USB data cord which you use to charge the phone. Now the rooting software should recognize your device. If it fails to do so, follow this guide to enable USB debugging mode on your LG phone.

Then the Android rooting tool may try to install missing driver on to your mobile phone and you might see a prompt which requests relative permission on your phone screen. Confirm to grant the permission to this rooting program.

root LG G2 using free android rooting software kingo

When the rooting software is ready to root your LG phone, you will see the notification as shown in above figure. Read it carefully, then you can proceed to root the LG phone by clicking the ROOT button.
rooting lg g2
Once it has finished rooting your LG mobile, you will get the ‘Root Succeeded’ screen like below

android rooting finished

Finally click Finish button to reboot your Android and you are done!