Rotate iPhone iPad Video in Windows Live Movie Maker

It is very handy to capture videos using your iPhone or iPad, as you might carry it anywhere you go. The iPhone camera (especially those iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6) shoots high quality 1080p videos that can be played on many different devices, like DVD players with a TV, computers, etc. But once you have gotten your iPhone video or iPad videos onto your Windows computer, Windows 7 or the latest Windows 8 PC, you may find that some iPhone videos are not orientated correctly. Some iPhone videos are displayed sideways on PC, or even worse upside down. You can refer to this article see why iPhone iPad videos are Upside Down or Sideways when played on Windows?

However if you export the same iPhone video to a Mac, you will find it can be displayed just fine. If you have iTunes or Quicktime player installed on Windows PC, you will find all these video players are compatible with the iPhone videos or iPad videos captured. It is not strange, as Microsoft product not to be compatible with Apple’s.

Fortunately there is a program on Windows PCs, Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker, that is free with your Windows OS and can be used to rotate iPhone videos.

Latest update:
Filmora is a more powerful and professional video editor for both Windows and Mac users. If you have audio out of sync issue with video after rotation in Windows movie maker or Live movie maker as mentioned by several users in the comment section below, check out this guide to rotate videos on PC, Mac and mobile phones for more details. It is a video editor developed with beginners in mind, very easy to use. You can use it to edit videos on computer easily, like rotating videos, reversing videos, merging videos, trimming videos, etc. Note that you can download and try this video editor for free. However there will be watermark on converted movie if you use the free trial version of this video editor.

Rotating iPhone Video or iPad Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Step 1: Add iPhone or iPad videos to Windows Movie Maker

Find the iPhone or iPad videos on your PC and open it with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker.

Rotating iPhone Video Using Windows Movie Maker

On Windows computers, you can right click on the video file, then select Open with option from the jump down menu list, select Windows live movie maker. This is the quickest way to open the iPhone video with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 2: Rotate iPhone or iPad videos in Windows Live Movie Maker

Now you should see the Rotate Left or Rotate Right button in the Editing section of the ribbon. See below screenshot.

Rotating iPhone Video on Windows PC

Click the Rotate Left or Rotate Right button in Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker to orientate your iPhone video on your computer.

Step 3: Save iPhone or iPad videos

You have rotated iPhone videos, it’s time to save the change now. Go to the top of the Windows Movie Maker window, click the Movie Maker tab >> Save Movie, then you will get the save options. It’s a great chance to optimize iPhone videos for your target device and players. So do not miss it out.

Here you are offered with video settings for HD display, computer display, email sending, mobile devices display and so on.

Additional iPhone video rotating tips

1. If you do not have Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker on your computer, you can download it from here.

2. There are a number of options available to get the iPhone video off of your phone. You can plug in your phone to computer and copy the video from iPhone to computer, you can also sync your phone through iTunes, upload videos to Dropbox, Evernote or other cloud storage program, then download the videos from cloud hosting to your computer, transfer videos using a chat app for mobile like WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.

3. If you are preparing to share your iPhone videos, such as uploading to a video sharing service, like YOUTUBE, or send the iPhone videos to your friends though email, etc. It is necessary to optimize the iPhone videos on your computer at first. With Windows Live Movie Maker, you can not only rotate the iPhone videos, but also export videos optimized for different devices and players. See more instructions to optimize and share iPhone videos on websites..

4. Many users asked me how to rotate iPhone video with Windows Media Player on PC, unfortunately it is impossible to use Windows Media Player to rotate iPhone videos at present. It is a good feature though for Microsoft to add in the future.

5. Other than rotating iPhone videos one by one, you can also add multiple videos to Windows Live Movie Maker, select them all in Windows Live Movie Maker and rotate multiple videos at the same time.

iPhone video rotating and audio sync problem & troubleshooting

We have received some feedback about the audio and video out of sync issue after the rotation of source video. If you have this trouble as well, you can contact Microsoft for technical support. A workaround for now is to split the audio from video in Window Movie Maker first, then rotate the video and mute the video in Movie Maker, finally add the extracted audio track as background music back to the rotated video and export as a new video using Windows Movie Maker. Alternatively you can also scroll up to find and use the third party video editor above. This video editor and movie maker is more powerful than Windows Movie Maker.

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  1. Download free VLC media player to play your iphone videos. It is the best and will play movie in upright position without any voice sync issues

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