How to Rotate Photos on iPhone & iPad?

People take photos using their iPhone or iPad at different positions. You can’t always hold your iOS device horizontally or vertically, especially when you trying to capture something in motion, such as sports events, your little kids. Sometimes when you shot some very important photos, you may realize they are not straight, instead they are upside-down or sideways. In this article, we will discuss how you can rotate photos on iPhone, iPad on iOS 7, iOS 8 or later. Note for iPhone videos rotating, you can also refer to this guide to rotate iPhone videos on PC using Windows Live Movie Maker.

How to rotate photos on iPhone iPad running on iOS 7 or earlier?

Your iPhone or iPad allows you to easily rotate photos directly on the iOS device without any additional app downloads. From the Photos app, tap on the photo you want to rotate; Tap “Edit” from the upper right corner to begin editing photos in the Photos app for iOS. In the photo editing window, you can find a arrow icon at the lower left corner, tap on it to rotate the photo 90° counterclockwise, tap the Save button if you finished rotating. Each rotation will rotate the photo another 90 degrees. You can also tap on the rotating button twice to flip the picture on iPhone or iPad.

rotate iphone photo ios7

How to rotate photos on iPhone iPad running on iOS 8 or later?

Apple has made so many changes in the iOS 8 update. You can now shoot time-lapse videos on iPhone iPad, record slow-motion videos, manually adjust camera exposure on iOS device and many more. The photo rotating feature has also been enhanced.

To rotate photos or pictures on iPhone or iPad which is running on iOS 8 or later, launch the Photos app on your device, find the photo and tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner. In the photo editing window, instead of tapping on the rotation icon, choose the Crop button in the bottom. After that you will see the dial at the side of your image. To rotate photos on iPhone iPad which is running on iOS 8, you can simply slide your finger along the dial. During the rotating process, your photo will be zoomed and cropped to preserver its originnal dimensions and apsect automatically. Tap the Done button when you have finished rotating the photo.

rotate photo on iphone ipad ios8

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