Rotate photos & videos on LG mobile phone

Saved some slideways or upside down pictures or videos on your phone? Photos and videos can end up being incorrectly oriented on our mobile phones. Today we will discuss how you can rotate photos and videos on your LG or other Android mobile phones without using any third party image or media editors or apps.

Quickly rotate photos on LG phone

The Gallery app on LG mobile phone has the option to quickly rotate an individual photo or even multiple photos left or right. Check out details as following.

Rotate multiple photos on LG mobile

Open the Gallery app on LG mobile phone. Browse to the album where the photos you want to rotate reside. In the album view mode where all your pictures are displayed as thumbnails, tap the More Options icon (three vertical dots) at the top right corner, the options opens as a drop-down menu on your phone screen. You an find several tools to work with the selected pictures, such as Move, Copy, Rotate, Slideshow, Create GIF. Choose Rotate, then select Rotate Left or Rotate Right. A checkbox will be displayed over each photo. Tap to select the photos you like to edit and finally touch the ROTATE button at the bottom right corner to rotate all selected photos in one go. In this ways, you can easily and quickly rotate multiple or all pictures in an album on LG phone.

Rotate individual photo on LG mobile

Go to the Gallery app on LG phone, open the album, then find and tap the picture to select it as the current picture and view the larger version of the image. You’ll see different icons at its top and bottom edges. Tap the Options icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner to get the pop-up menu with various tools, such as Move, Copy, Rotate, Crop, Slideshow, Set image as, Print, Rename, Details. Choose Rotate, then select Rotate Left or Rotate Right, optionally repeat the steps to rotate the image left or right several times until you get it to the correct orientation you need.

rotate photo in gallery on lg mobile phone

Rotate pictures and videos using Google Photos on LG phone

Your LG smartphone should come pre-loaded with a bunch of Google apps, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Play Music, Google Photos, just to name a few. The Google Photos app has the power and feature to edit your photos on the phone.

Open the Google Photos app on your LG Android phone. Find and open the photo or video you want to rotate. You can then find several icons at the bottom edge of your phone screen. Tap on Edit (pencil icon) to begin editing it.

Rotate pictures using Google Photos on LG phone

If the photo is opened in Google Photos, the filters tab opens by default. Switch to the Rotate & Crop tab from the bottom of your phone screen, you’ll then get a new screen like this,

rotate photo in google photos app on lg mobile phone

Tap on the Rotate icon to rotate the photo 90 degree counter-clockwise. Tap it again to rotate another 90 degree counter-clockwise. You can also slide the degree bar left or right to rotate a picture clockwise or counter-clockwise. Optionally use the cropping box to select the portion of the picture to keep and discard the rest to get the image you are satisfied. Finally tap on the Done button from the bottom, then Save from the top or More >> Save Copy to save the changes to overwrite original photo or save as a new copy and preserve the old one on your LG mobile phone.

Rotate videos using Google Photos on LG phone

If you opened a video in Google Photos, you should see the ROTATE button at the bottom, tap on it once to rotate 90 degree counter-clockwise. Finally tap on the SAVE button at the top to save it as a new video in your Gallery app on LG mobile phone.

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