How to Rotate Video using Filmora?

Filmora has just been upgraded with several amazing new features, including video stabilization, screen recording and video reversing. We have introduced how you can use it to reverse videos on Mac and PC in an earlier post. Today, we will talk about another frequently used feature when we edit videos, the video rotating either clockwise or anticlockwise. This does not seem to be new feature with most popular video editors, as we have found it in various video tools such as the most notable Windows Movie Maker. Check out this guide to rotate iPhone videos using Windows Movie Maker on PC. However we have already noticed some drawbacks of these video rotating methods. One of the FAQ is the audio sync issue. Many people find the sound or audio is out of sync from the video once they did the video rotation in Windows Live Movie Maker. If you have the same trouble, we suggest you to rotate video using Filmora Video Editor which can do this job better and easier.

It comes with both free and full versions. You can download the free trial version with limited features below before we continue to use it to rotate videos on PC or Mac.

How to Rotate Video on PC and Mac using Filmora?

Run the video editor on your PC or Mac, drag and drop to import videos from computer hard drive to this video editor or go to IMPORT, then browse to your media library or album to load videos into it.
filmora edit video

Drag the source video you like to rotate to the timeline, then click Edit button to get the pop-up dialogue like this.

rotate video in filmora video editor

From above screenshot, you can find Rotate item from the top section.

  • Rotate video clockwise: Click the around arrow clockwise to rotate 90 degree clockwise each time, click on it twice you will rotate the video 180 degree clock wise;
  • Rotate video counterclockwise: Click the anti-clockwise around arrow icon to rotate video 90 degree counterclockwise, click on it twice you will rotate the video 180 degree anticlockwise.

You can preview rotated video in the built-in video player instantly. Click OK to save the change and proceed to export the video from Filmora editor to your computer or other devices.

How to Import Videos from Camera or Phone to Filmora for Editing?

If the source video was recorded and saved on a digital camera or smartphone, you can click the Import button, then choose ‘Import from Camera or Phone…‘ from the drop-down menu list, a ‘media import from device‘ screen opens as shown below.

import media from device to filmora

Choose your camera or phone from the ‘Import from‘ box; select the video you like to add from the thumbnail view panel on the left, you can use the filter to show only images or videos to find the file according to file types; On the right side, you can preview the video to ensure it is the right video you need, click OK to save the selected media from your camera or phone to computer and import it to Filmora for further editing. This video editor was built with features, it helps you easily combine video clips, split videos, overlay videos, reverse videos, stabilize videos, record screen, add music, text, special effects to your video footage and many more. You can find out more features of Filmora Video Editor here.


Rotate videos on mobile phones

Our smartphones are becoming more and more powerful. You can even directly rotate videos on your phone. For instance you can rotate videos on Samsung Galaxy S5. If your phone does not allow you to rotate the videos by default, you can download the Filmora for mobile to rotate videos on your Android or iPhone. Check out this tutorial to rotate videos on iPhone. The video rotating video can be found in its Android version as well.

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