Round photo corners or create round images with ShareX

Want to round photo corners or create rounded images? There are many graphic editors can do that. However most of them are not free, you have to pay either a subscription fee or one-time fee in order to use them. Some of them can be very expensive, such as Photoshop from Adobe. In this article, we will show you how to make photo corners rounded or create rounded pictures using a very popular screen capture and editor, the ShareX, which is best known as the free and open source screenshot tool for Windows. It is not just a screen capture, but a Swiss army knife or powerful toolkit.

sharex logo

Run ShareX on your PC. Go to Tools > Image Effects …., browse to the photo, image or your logo and open it in ShareX.

ShareX image effects tool

Firstly we need to add the Rounded corners effect from Presets. Click the Add button in the Presets column, give the new preset a new from the Preset Name box; click the Add button in the Effects column, then choose Manipulations > Rounded corners. Optionally you can give the effect a new name from the Effect name box.

After that you will have the option to set a value of the Corner Radius which makes the image or photo corners rounded.

Create square or rectangle with rounded corners

By default the corner radius is set to 20. Here we increase it to 40, see below screenshot.

Create square or rectangle with rounded corners using ShareX on Windows computer

Make a round image or photo

If you load an image or photo that has equal or similar width and height dimensions (a square or similar), then you can turn your photo or picture into a perfect circle. To do this, simply set the corner radius to a half of its dimensions, i.e. radius = ½×width or radius = ½×height.

Make a round image or photo using ShareX on Windows computer

Is it possible to create a perfect circle from a rectangular photo or image? Use another built-in image tool with ShareX, the image editor, to crop it to a square first. Then follow above instructions to create a round image or photo.