Safari font size too small on Mac

Safari font size too small on Mac? In this quick guide, we will show you two easy ways to enlarge font in Safari on Mac.

Make fonts bigger on websites using Page Zoom

Open the web page in Safari, press both the command and + keys at the same time to enlarge all content on the page, including fonts, graphic and so on. 

You can also go to Safari > Preferences > Websites > Page Zoom to select a website and control the page zoom level on the site. 

zoom website pages safari on Mac

Automatically enlarge small font size in Safari

Head to Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Find the Accessibility section, enable Never use font sizes smaller than, click the down menu to select the minimum font size you need, 12, 14, 18 or else, or manually type in the desired font size. Change this as you wish so Safari will automatically increase those font sizes smaller than the minimum font size you have set above.

increase font size website pages in safari for Mac

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