How to save FTP passwords in FileZilla?

If you wish to avoid manually entering the FTP credentials every time, you have the option to configure the FTP sites using FileZilla’s Site Manager. On Windows PC, you can access the Site Manager from the File menu. In the Site Manager window, click on the New Site button on the left-hand side. Then enter the site details. After that, you can click on the Connect button to test the connection to the server using the entered credentials. Finally click on the OK button to save the site configuration. One common issue during the setup however is the password saving disabled error.

FileZilla for Windows Site Manager Cannot remember password

Site Manager – Cannot remember password

Saving of passwords has been disabled by you. Normal and Account logon types are not available. Your entry has been changed to Ask for password.

FileZilla for Windows

If you got this error, rest assured that you’re not alone. FileZilla disables the password saving by default. You can simply follow these steps to enable password saving in FileZilla.

Run FileZilla on your PC. Click Edit from the top menu bar, then select Settings from the drop-down menu. The Settings opens as a new window.

enable passwords saving in FileZilla on Windows PC

Click Interface -> Passwords from the left panel and select Save passwords from the radio buttons on the right. Finally click OK button at the bottom to save the change.

You can now go to add a new site again from Site Manager. Make sure to select Normal or Account as the logon type when you setup a site so FileZilla will remember your password.

That’s it! You have successfully added a site to FileZilla, and you do not have to enter the credentials any more when you connect to the FTP server.