How to save iPhone voice mails to computer?

Do you have some memorable voice mails on your iPhone want to transfer from iPhone to computer for backup? There are many reasons why someone would like to backup their voicemails. However there is no easy way to do that. Although iTunes can help you back up iPhone voicemails when sync your iPhone to computer. And you can find your iPhone backups on computer, but the audio files are stored in unreadable formats, without professional skills or tools, it is difficult to find, play or convert the saved voicemails on computer. You can also back up voicemails to iCloud server, but many iPhone users find there is no easy way to download the voicemails from iCloud to computer. In this article, you will learn how to extract voice mails from iPhone to computer, from iTunes backup to computer and from iCloud to computer. It is easy to follow even for beginners.

Important Tips:

voice mailVoicemail messages can be classified into basic Voicemail and visual Voicemail. The former will be saved on carrier’s server and will be deleted automatically after a certain period of time. You can not save these voice mail to your mobile phone or computer, the only way to back them up is to play the voice mail and record them using a sound recording software on your computer. Visual Voicemail displays a list of your messages for you to choose which one to listen to, delete, save and share. You can download visual Voicemail messages from your carrier’s server to your iPhone, and you can hear it anywhere and anytime. You can also back up visual Voicemail to computer through iTunes, or back up to iCloud. Also, when you accidentally deleted or lost visual voicemails on your iPhone, you can use a iOS recovery tool to get them back.

In this guide, we will be using an iOS data extractor to help you transfer voice mails from iPhone to computer, extract voice mails from iTunes or iPhone backups to computer, download voice mails from iCloud backups to computer.

extract voicemail from iphone itunes icloud to computer

Before we going to extract, export or transfer iPhone voicemails, download the tool first.

Latest Updates:
In a recent software update, the iOS data backup & restore tool has been added.
ios data backup and restore tool

Now you can use this iPhone data backup tool to transfer or back up contacts, messages, Whatsapp chats, photos, videos, bookmarks and more data from iPhone to computer. For instance, you can refer to this guide to back up iPhone voice memos to computer and following post shows how to back up voice mails from iPhone to computer.

How to transfer voicemails from iPhone to computer?

If you have visual voicemails saved on your iPhone, you can use this iOS data recovery tool to directly export voicemails from iPhone to computer. Basically there are three steps to accomplish that.

  • step 1. Connect iPhone to computer through USB
  • Step 2. Use the iOS data extractor to scan your iPhone
  • Step 3. Export voice mails from iPhone to computer

Just follow the onscreen tips to scan your iPhone, then this software can automatically search your voicemails and other data, such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, reminders, notes, etc. All found files and data will be displayed in the scan result screen. They will be separated into different categories. Your voicemails will be classified into the Messages & Call log section, Voicemail subsection. See below screenshot.

export Voicemail from iphone to computer

You can select any or all voicemails and click the Recover button from the bottom right corner to export them from iPhone to computer hard drive. Voicemails will be saved as .m4a audio files. If like you can also convert the voicemails files into other audio formats, like MP3, WMV, etc.

Retrieve deleted Voicemails from iPhone

Sometimes you may find some voicemails are highlighted in red, this means they have been deleted from iPhone already. This iPhone data recovery software can also help you recover deleted voicemails on iPhone.

How to export voicemails from iTunes backup to computer?

iTunes can back up your voicemails from iPhone to computer as we have mentioned above. The problem of iTunes backup is that we can’t save the voicemails in the original audio file format in our media library as we save other music files. When you launch the iOS data extractor above, it will defaults to the Recover from iOS Device tab. However you can also from other tabs from the top section, like Recover from iTunes Backup File. Now click to enter into the iTunes backup recovery mode. This software will automatically detect any backups made before, including iPhone backups, iPad backups, iPod backups.

extract data from itunes backup on mac

Click to select your iPhone from the list and click Start Scan button from the bottom right corner to scan your iTunes backup. Similarly you will also get a scan result screen with all found data in your iPhone backup file. Go to the Messages & Call log section, Voicemail subsection, your voicemails will be included there. It is easy to follow from there to export your voicemails from iTunes to computer.

extract Voicemails from itunes to computer


If your iPhone is not listed here, it’s probably because your iPhone has not been synchronized with iTunes. If you are sure your iPhone has synced before, you can click the Select button to select the iTunes backup file from other folder on your computer to recover your data from it.

How to download voicemails from iCloud backup to computer?

Click the Recover from iCloud Backup File tab from the top of this iOS data recovery software to enter iCloud data recovery mode. From there you will be prompted to log on iCloud account using your Apple ID and its password. All availabe iCloud backups will be displayed in a list, select the iCloud backup file and download its data contained from iCloud server to your computer. You can download voicemails from iCloud to computer along with a wide range of different file types, such as contacts, text messages, notes, etc. For more specific instructions, please refer to this guide to download iPhone backup and data from iCloud to computer.

download data from icloud

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