Save Photos from Evernote to iPad

Evernote is a FREE app that lets you take notes, capture photos, record voice reminders, create to-do list, sharing files and doc, in different platforms and devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, etc.

For example if you like to send a picture from computer to iPad, you can upload the picture from computer to Evernote, then access your Evernote account on iPad and download the picture from Evernote to iPad.

How to Save Photos from Evernote to iPad?

Go to download Evernote to your computer and iPad at first if not yet. It is free!

Download Evernote to Mac computer – free
Download Evernote to Windows computer – free

Evernote to iPad – free

1. Tap to run Evernote on iPad.
2. Tap to open the note contains the photo you like to save to iPad.
All notes will be displayed immediately and will be organized by date with the latest on top. If you have a lot of new notes have not be synced, wait a second for Evernote to sync to your iPad. It is very fast if your internet connection is good and takes a little time.
3. Tap on the photo you like to download, it will be displayed in full screen mode in Evernote.
4. There will be a share icon on the left bottom. Tap on this button, you will find different options to proceed. For example you can attach the photo from Evernote to an email on your iPad, assign to contact on iPad, copy or print the photo, open with an editor, save to camera roll, etc.
5. Tap on save to camera roll, the photo will be saved from Evernote to your iPad.