Save a web page as PDF on Mac

There may come a time when you need to save a web page as PDF file on your Mac. The advantages are obvious. You can access the saved web page in PDF file anytime without internet connection, you can carry the PDF file on the go using any storage media, PDF files are universally compatible with almost all computers, tablets, mobile phones. There are several different methods of saving a web page as PDF or convert a web page to PDF format on Mac. Every Mac comes with the Safari browser. It does a great job of exporting web pages to PDF files. So no third-party web browsers needed.

How to save a web page as PDF on Mac?

Open the web page in Safari browser on Mac. Wait for the website or page to load completely. Then click the File menu from the top menu bar. Select Export as PDF… from the drop-down menu.

safari export web page as pdf on mac

You will see a pop-up dialogue. Optionally type a new name in the Export As box, enter tags, select or change a different location, and finally click the Save button to export a web page from Safari browser and save it in the specified name as PDF to your Mac.

Export web pages as PDF on iPhone iPad

The Safari for mobile also allows us to save web pages as PDF files on iPhone iPad. You can directly save the web page from Safari browser to iBooks app or save it to your local storage on iPhone iPad and access the saved PDF files using the stock Files app.