Save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings on Android

Whatsapp is a great tool to stay connected with friends and family. As a chat app or messenger for mobile, you can use it to send unlimited messages, make unlimited free calls. Except that you can also use it to send and receive all kinds of files and documents. For instance, you can use Whatsapp to send contacts between iPhone and Android, this method helps you migrate your address book easily between mobile phones. You can also record a video and send the videos to other mobile phones via WhatsApp. This app has greatly expanded the possibilities of what a messenger can do. You can make use of WhatsApp to send, receive or forward audios, music, songs, voice messages, sound recordings on mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and many others. Today, we will discuss how you can save WhatsApp audio, music, songs, voice messages and recordings on Android phones. If you receive some valuable audio files from your family and friends, you should save them regularly on your mobile phone or transfer the to a computer for backup.

Save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings on Android

Run WhatsApp on Android mobile phone. Go to the Chats screen with a list of all chats and conversations in Whatsapp. Open the WhatsApp chats, find the audio, music, song, voice message, or sound recording you like to save or download, press and hold on it for a second, then the file options will display at the top of the screen, see below screenshot of WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

share whatsapp audio music voice on android

Touch the Share button at the top right corner, you will then get a Select an action or Complete action via screen on Samsung cellphone.

send or save whatsapp audio, music, voice on android

If you are using different mobile phones, you may find similar options to do the same job. They may be in different appearance or layout. The easiest way to save WhatsApp media files on Android phone is to save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings to a file manager on the Android device. ES file manager is a very popular and free one on Google Play Store. If you have installed this app on your Android phone, you should see an ‘ES Save to…‘ option from above screen. Choose this option, you can directly save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages, songs, sound recordings to Android phone internal storage or SD card.

save whatsapp audio, music, voice, sounds, recordings on android phone

WhatsApp folder to save audio, music, voice messages and recordings on Android

By default WhatsApp has enabled the media auto-download option to automatically save incoming media files like photos, videos, audios on your Android phone. You can use a file manager on your mobile phone to access them in different WhatsApp directories. Normally the music and songs cam be found from Android device >> WhatsApp >> Media >> WhatsApp Audio; WhatsApp voice and recordings can be found from Android device >> WhatsApp >> Media >> WhatsApp Voice Notes. You can copy, move or transfer these WhatsApp media files from there.
whatsapp audio music voice downloading folder in file manager for android

Send WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings to computer via email

Email is a very handy tool to exchange files between mobile phones and computers. You can send WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings from Android mobile phone, then download these files from email to your PC or Mac. It is a very convenient way to back up media files from WhatsApp to computer.
send whatsapp audio, music, voice through email on android mobile
Again long press the media file in WhatsApp chat as shown in screenshot above, you then then tap on Share button, choose Email from the share options list, then the selected audio, song, music, or recording will be sent to email. Just send the file from your email address to the same or a another email account of your own. After that, go to access this email account from a web browser or email client on your computer and download WhatsApp music and audios to computer.

Do you have other WhatsApp media files want to back up? Check out this guide to backup WhatsApp photos and videos to computer. If you need to back up WhatsApp chats to computer or delete messages in Whatsapp by mistake, you should refer to this guide to transfer and recover WhatsApp messages on Android mobile phones. Again we highly recommend you to back up important files and data from WhatsApp to your mobile or computer regularly so in case of data loss you can always get them back from backups.

8 thoughts on “Save WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings on Android”

  1. I am using lgv20 on android 7 naughat. Es explorer ES SAVE TO is not working to copy media files from whatsapp to either phone or sd card. It gives error THIS OPERATION IS NOT SUPPORTED. On my previous phone running android 6.01, I was able to save WhatsApp media.
    Can you suggest a work around.

  2. I Have Some Whats App Voice Note but I have these voice note other sd card and delete their whats app voice note folder which having voice note but now i can play those voice note only mp3 player nobut i want plays these voice note inside the whats app but is file didn’t found in sd card
    How can i arranged these voice notes to make new folder which voice note play inside what’s app?????

    1. you can try to follow the steps above to send WhatsApp audio, music, voice messages and recordings to computer via email, then use media player on the PC to play the voice messages see if any luck.

  3. I have saved my whtsapp audio(audio messages recorded from whtsapp) in google drive and trying to play it back but it says the file format .opus is not a supported one.
    How can i play back this audio from my computer or from my android phones google drive?

    Thanks in advance

    1. you can transfer them from Android phone to PC, then use a compatible media player & converter to play it or PC or convert it to other common audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, or else. go to download the FREE version of the video converter on your computer from this link. you can use it to play .OPUS files on your computer using the built-in media player within this media converter tool, no need to buy its full version unless you want its advanced media converting features. NOTE: make sure to rename the .OPUS files to .mp3 files on your PC first, otherwise you can add them to the media player & converter above.

    1. can you please elaborate the issue? Also you may capture some screenshots to illustrate the issue if possible and send us via email.

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