Scan QR and Bar codes using HTC phone

QR codes can been seen everywhere in our daily life. They can contain a lot of information, such as website address, phone number, plain text, GEO location data, email address, contact or name card, Facebook profile, Twitter Profile, etc. Some smartphones allow users to scan and read these QR codes using the built-in functionality. For example, you can scan QR codes using Xiaomi & Redmi phones without third party scanner apps. Many devices however still need an extra QR code scanner app to be able to read these codes. In this quick guide, we will show you how to scan QR codes, bar codes using the stock Camera app on HTC mobile phone. Note that not all HTC phones have the functionality built into the Camera app.

Launch the default Camera app on your HTC device. Tap the mode icon at the bottom left corner, then switch from the Camera to the barcode mode, see below screenshot.

enable barcode, qr code scan mode using camera app on htc phone

After that point your camera to the QR code or bar code that you like to scan, your HTC will tell you what data contained in the QR or bar code. If it is a website link, you can tap on the link to open it using the browser on your HTC phone.

Scan QR code using third-party reader apps

If your HTC phone can’t read QR codes and you can’t find the QR or bar code scan mode in your Camera settings, most probably your phone is not ready to scan QR codes directly. You need to download a third-party QR code scanner or reader app. Some chat apps also support QR code scanning, such as Viber, WeChat, etc. Check out this guide to scan QR codes using WeChat on Android phones.

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