Scan QR Code using WeChat on Android phone

We can see QR code every where nowadays. A QR code, short for quick response code, is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone. We can’t read the QR code by ourselves without a QR reader. It is kind of machine language. Luckily, we can find many different QR code scanner or readers on Apple App Store, Google Play and other mobile app market. Many of them are just free to download and use. In fact, we also find this QR code decoder feature is built-in many popular apps, such as the most notable WeChat. This is the world’s most popular chat app. It is free to download and use, it is cross-platform and available on all major app market. In an earlier guide, we also discussed how you can scan QR code using WeChat on iPhone. Today, we will introduce how to scan QR Code using WeChat on Android phones, like Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto, Nexus, Lenovo and many others.

Scan QR Code using WeChat on Android phone

Run WeChat for Android on your mobile phone. Tap on the Discover tab from the bottom of WeChat screen, than select Scan QR code, then WeChat will use your Camera on the Android mobile phone to scan any QR code your point the camera to.

scan qr code using wechat on android phone

If it is a website address, WeChat will open this link using the built-in web browser to open the web page. And you can then send the website to a chat in WeChat, share the website on WeChat Moments, add the site link to WeChat Favorite, open site link with your stock browser on Android phone and so on. The QR code could contain many other information as well, such as plain text, phone numbers, contact details, etc. For instant, we can also scan a QR code to use WeChat on PC and Mac computers, add new contact person to WeChat, transfer WeChat history from iPhone to another iOS device, etc.

Other ways to scan QR code on Android phone via WeChat

In fact, except the above method, you can also open the QR code scanner from other tabs of WeChat. You can go to Chats, Contacts or the Me tab in WeChat, then tap the Plus (+) icon from the top right corner, a drop-down menu will appear, you can then select Scan QR code from the menu list and start scanning any QR code using your mobile phone.

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  1. my phone shuts down when I try to scan the QR code it is a brand new samsung j7. why is this happening??

    1. how often does it happen? have you tried uninstall/reinstall of WeChat or any other QR code scanner app?

  2. excellent tutorial.
    it really does work.

    to other…. please follow instructions carefully.

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