Scan QR code using Xiaomi Redmi phones

QR code is short for Quick Response Code which is becoming more and more popular in our lives. For example, QR code system is widely used in product tracking, item identification, document management, general marketing, consumer advertising and so on. In our daily life, smartphones are used as the QR code scanner to interpret the data contained in QR codes. A QR code reader app is often required in order to scan the image of QR code and convert it to human-readable text or other forms. For marketing purposes, many apps have built-in the support of QR code. For instance, you can now scan QR code on Android phone using WeChat, a very hot instant messenger. Some Android phones even add native support to QR code in the stock Camera app. Xiaomi Redmi phones is a good example. You can now scan a QR code using Xiaomi or Redmi phones without any third party QR code reader apps or QR code scanner apps any more.

How to scan QR code using Xiaomi Redmi phones?

Open the stock Camera app on your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone, point the camera at the QR code you like to scan, you will then see a View QR details button on your phone screen, press this button, you will open the Result screen which display the data contained in the scanned QR code or image. If the QR code contains a website URL, you will see the website address, the compatible web browser app icon and the ‘Go to website’ button. Press this button, you will automatically be taken to the website using the web browser. If the QR code scanned contains just text, numbers,characters, you can see them in the result screen with a Copy text button to help you copy them to clip board so you can easily paste and use them in appropriate apps on the phone.

scan qr code using camera on xiaomi redmi phone

Can’t scan QR codes using Camera app on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone?

If you can’t scan QR codes on Xiaomi or Redmi phone using the stock Camera app or you can’t find the option to view QR details during the scanning, make sure to enable or turn on the ‘Scan QR codes’ option from Xiaomi Redmi phone Settings >> System Apps >> Camera >> Scan QR codes. See below screenshot.

xiaomi redmi phone camera scan qr codes settings

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