ScreenToGif Editor

ScreenToGif is a screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor with tons of useful features.

ScreenToGif Editor
  • File
    • Start a new recording or open a media (videos or images) or project file.
    • Insert a new recording or media file (videos or images) into an existing project.
    • Open recent projects.
    • Export your project to:
      • Gif
      • Apng
      • Video
      • Image
      • PSD
      • ScreenToGif project
  • Basic controls
    • Undo, redo or reset your edits.
    • Copy, cut and paste frames.
    • Select multiple frames or browse to a specific frame.
    • Preview the playback of the animation.
  • Frame manipulation
    • Delete selected frames.
    • Remove duplicates.
    • Reduce framerate.
    • Delete all previous or all next frames.
    • Reverse, apply yoyo (forwards and backwards) or move frames around.
    • Alter the delay of the frames (override, increase/decrease or scale).
    • Add title frames.
    • Add transitions (fade or slide effects).
  • Image manipulation
    • Resize, crop or flip/rotate.
    • Add overlays:
      • Captions/text.
      • Drawings or shapes.
      • Key strokes or mouse clicks.
      • Borders, shadows, and obfuscation (pixelate).
      • Watermarks (pick your own image).
      • Cinemagraph (select parts of the animation to stay static or move).

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