Send Anywhere File Transfer

Send Anywhere is a free file transfer that works across all platforms and devices, Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows PC, Mac, Linux.

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Cross platform

Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows, Mac, Linux

Free file transfer

No fee, login or registration


Share via a key, link or push to receiving devices

Play media files

Built-in players to play received music and video files

It is so easy to use. No login or registration required. Send Anywhere automatically creates a security key on the sending device, enter this key on receiving device to receive the files. Alternatively you can also upload files to server and get the download link. Anyone with this link can download the files within a 48-hour period. For Android devices, you can transfer files between Android with Wi-Fi Direct, even without internet connection or mobile data. There are no limits on how much you can send. Using this free data transfer, you can send any file regardless of type, size, or amount.

transfer photos via wifi direct from android using send anywhere

It is more safer than other transfer solutions. Your files go straight down the pipes from one device to another directly. You’re not transferring the files to a third-party server where security could be compromised. If you choose to upload to server to share, Send Anywhere uses 256-bit encryption to ensure all file transfers are safe. Users are able to send private files and digital content without leaving any footprint in the internet. The normal digit key transfer mode sends your files from source to destination devices without uploading any data to a cloud server. Filed shared through links are kept on the server for 48 hours and are automatically deleted after the 48 hour period. The ‘Pick up device to send’ mode will keep your files on server for 48 hours and automatically delete them from server after 48 hours. If the receiver downloads the files any time within 48 hours, the files are automatically and immediately deleted.


Download Send Anywhere for Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome from its official website below.