Sending Big Files over the Internet for Free

When you want to send big files over the internet or share large files without others, you need a file transfer or sharing service. You cann’t email very big files through email. Normally your email service provider would limit the maximum attachment file size to 10 or 20 MB. If you like to send larger files, such as those HD videos that can reach over 100MB or even 1GB, you need to consider other alternatives. There are many free online chat service can help you for that, such as Skype, MSN, QQ and so on. These free tools also designed for other purpose, but they can also be used as peer-to-peer transfer tool, and best of all, they do not limit the file size you can transfer, and they are totally free. You can use them to send documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF….), photos, videos and other large files of any format.
online file transfer storage sharing
A file hosting and sharing service is also very popular nowadays. There are many free file hosting and sharing service, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. These online file hosting service allows you to upload huge files from computer to their cloud server, you can then share the download links with the recipient. It is the most convenient way users can upload large files from one location, then download it from another location. And best of all, the recipients can download the uploaded files anytime they are online. With these services, you can easily send files bigger than 1000MB. If you use Dropbox to transfer big files through their desktop client, you will find there is no size limit at all.
send big files using free tools
If you do not want to sign up any file hosting or sharing service, you can use free web transfer service such as WeTransfer and Sendspace. WeTransfer lets you send files up to 2 GB in size from the browser. SendSpace asks for the recipient’s email only (used to receive the download links of your files), it allows you to send max file size 300MB for free. You do not need to register or sign up an account. These file transfer services also offer free tools for mobile devices, such as file transfer app for iPhone iPad, Android smartphones, so you can easily send big files from mobile phone to computer, or from a computer to mobile phones.