How to Send Group Emails on iPad iPhone?

Many iPhone and iPad users find the Mail App for iOS does not has facility to set up a contact group on iPad or iPhone, thus they are not able to send mass emails to their customers or to a group that they do business with. When you compose a new email on iPhone or iPad, there will be a Group option when you are going to add contacts or recipients, however the Group option is just to help you narrow down the search for a specific contact or email address. When you tap to open a Group, you will still need to choose a contact under the group to mail one by one. If there are 50 contacts under the group and you want to send an email to all of them, you have to select them individually for 50 times. In this tutorial, we will show you the trick to set up a group of contacts, and send group emails to all the contacts in a group easily.

How to Send Group Emails on iPad iPhone?

Step 1. Set up a contacts group on iPad iPhone.

Open Contacts on your iPad or iPhone, tap on the + icon to add a new contact. You can name it like ‘Test Group Mailing’, ‘Group Mailing’, anything descriptive.

setup email contact group on ipad iphone

In the Notes field, you have to manually input the email addresses. make sure to include each email address in angle brackets, and separate all email addresses with commas. You can see the example as shows in above screen.

Step 2. Copy the email or contacts group

Long press the notes field to call up the context menu and copy all the email addresses.

Step 3. Add the contact group to email recipient field

Open Mail app on iPhone or iPad, create a new message, then paste the copied email addresses in the To field.

add email contact group to mail recipient in ios

Step 4. Compose new email and send to a group of contacts

send email to group on ipad iphone

Note that if you add all email addresses to the To field, all recipients can see the emails of each other. If you want the recipient to see his or her own email address when he or she receives the email, you need to add all email addresses from this contact group to the Bcc field.

send email to group via bcc on ipad iphone

The above method allow you to send a email to a group of people or contacts quickly without any third party app. It is completely free. If you like more advanced fuctions, you may need to use a group email app. We will make it in another iOS app review soon.

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