Send music through WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is one of the best chat apps for mobile. Many people are using WhatsApp on their mobile phones to make free calls, send free messages. But do you know you can also use it for many other purposes? For instance, you can send name cards or contacts through Whatsapp on mobile. The other person who receive your contact file through WhatsApp can import the contacts into their Contacts app or address book on the phone directly. If you have music, songs or audios saved on an Android phone, you can make use of WhatsApp to swap songs and music with other mobile phone users, or copy music from one phone to another through WhatsApp.

Run WhatsApp for Android on your mobile phone, switch to the Chats screen, open your chat window with anyone you like to send files and documents to. Tap on the clip icon, you will get the pull-down menu with options to attach and send files to the conversation in WhatsApp. Now you can choose Gallery to select and send images or videos through WhatsApp on Android phone. You can also choose Photo to take a photo and send the photo through WhatsApp. Tap on Video to record video with WhatsApp on the mobile and then send videos through WhatsApp from your mobile to anyone else who also have WhatsApp installed on their device, just like you send emails on your smartphone. Other practical features such as share location, share contacts are also available in WhatsApp for Android.

share files in whatsapp chat on android phone

How to Send music through WhatsApp for Android?

if you have saved music songs on the phone, how can you pick up and send music through WhatsApp on Android mobile? Touch the Audio button as shown in above screenshot, you will then get a pop-up dialogue where you can choose to record audio with WhatsApp or choose songs from existing music players on your Android mobile phone. If you do not see the music player option here, you can scroll down and refer to the other method to share music songs on Android phones via WhatsApp, or refer to these steps to send music via WhatsApp on Android.

record audio and select music in whatsapp for android

Select the music player on your mobile phone to browse through all songs and pick up the music you like to send via WhatsApp. You will then get a screen like this.

send music through whatsapp from android phone

You can play the music from above Audio preview screen or tap Send button to send music through WhatsApp from Android phone.

If your favorite music player does not show up in Whatsapp or you can’t find the song or audio in the default music player on your Android phone, how can you select the music and send through WhatsApp? Many WhatsApp users may be confused about audio and songs exchange on mobile phone via WhatsApp under such circumstance.

Another way to send music through WhatsApp on Android phone

Your Android phone should come with a file manager which you can use to access and manage files and documents on your mobile device, just like the Windows Explorer for Windows PC. For example My Files is the stock file manager on Samsung Galaxy phones. You can browse to your music album where the songs are saved on your phone’s internal storage or external storage such as a MicroSD card. Then long press on the music file or audio to show the file options, such as delete, rename, copy, move, choose Share via if you are on a Samsung cell phone. You should find similar options on other Android phones too.
share music from file manager on android

Then you can find a list of all compatible options you can share or send the selected music files on the phone, like email, messaging, Wechat, Skype, etc. Choose WhatsApp from below screen. The music will then be sent to WeChat, follow the onscreen tips to select a contact or chat in WhatsApp, then send music songs through WhatsApp on Android phone.
share data via whatsapp on android phoneAnyone who received music through WhatsApp can follow this tutorial to save music and audios from WhatsApp on Android phone. Since WhatsApp is so convenient to exchange files and documents between mobile phones, sometimes you will have to clear up WhatsApp data in order to free up more storage space. You can refer to this guide to clear up WhatsApp media files on the phone. Before that we suggest you to back up important data on to an external storage such as a portable hard drive or your computer. In case of data lost you can refer to this guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and files on Android device.