How to send music through WhatsApp on iPhone?

WhatsApp is a great chat app with lots of extra features more than just a chat app or messenger. In an earlier guide, we talked about how you can use WhatsApp to send music from Android phone to other WhatsApp users. iPhone users may wonder whether we can do the same thing on iPhone or not. You can send music and songs through WhatsApp on iPhone if you have a file manager app on the iOS device. Everything is easier with a good file manager on iPhone. We recommend you this free iPhone file manager, you can get it from Apple app store now when it is still free. You can send files from computer to iPhone and save them with a file manager, you can send files from your iPhone to computer or another mobile phone with a file manager. Check out this guide to transfer photos, videos, music between iPhone and computer for Free.

How to transfer music through WhatsApp on iPhone?

Now run the file manager on iPhone, browse to the folder where you music songs are saved on iPhone. Press and hold on the music you like to transfer from iPhone to other WhatsApp users. You will get a pop-up dialogue with file options like send, cut, copy, rename, move, zip and so on. Choose Open With item.

open music with other app from filemaster on iPhone

You will then bring up the compatible apps on iPhone that can open music files. WhatsApp is one of them.

open music in whatsapp on iphone

Select Open in WhatsApp as shown in above screenshot, you will send the music to WhatsApp, you can then select a contact or person in your WhatsApp chats to receive the music. The one who receives your media files can follow these steps to save music and audios in WhatsApp on iPhone. The recipient can also download the music or audios from WhatsApp to an Android or other phones.

Except music, audios, voice recordings, audio messages, you can also use WhatsApp to send videos from your mobile phone, share contacts via WhatsApp from your phone, and many other files and documents.