How to Send Photos through Email on iPad?

Like the iPad 2, the new iPad 3 adds two cameras. With the front or the back camera, iPad 3 allows you to take picture easily, after that you can send the photos through emails from your new iPad 3. Photo sharing via email is very convenient. However it is not the best option under all kinds of circumstances. For example, for bulk photo transfer between iPad and computer, to attach iPad to computer via USB might be the best way to exchange photos between them.

Send a Single Photo using Email on iPad

photo sharing ipad1. Tap on Photos to start the Photos app on your new iPad.

2. Then tap on one of the photo collection. Tab to enlarge and view a photo. When viewing a photo, tap on the Options button located on the upper right corner of the screen (the right arrow icon bursting out of the square ).

3. Tap on Mail. This will start your Mail app on the new iPad 3. A new email message should appear with your selected picture included in the body of the email message. Fill in the email detail such as To address, subject the message detail, enter some text if like and tap Send to send the photo through email on your new iPad.

Note: in order to send and receive emails on iPad or sending photos and other files through email on iPad, you have to set up your email account on iPad in advance. To help new iPad users get started quickly, we have covered email setup in earlier guides. You can refer to this page to set up Hotmail on iPad. This guide shows how to add email accounts to iPad mini. Using a Gmail account? Do not miss out this tutorial: Setting up Gmail on iPad mini & iPad air.

Send multiple photos in the same Email on iPad

1. Tap on Photos to start the Photos app on your new iPad.

2. Tap on the Options button located on the upper right corner of the screen.( Do not tap/select a photo first)

3. Tap on the photos you wish to send through email, one after the other. You will notice that as you tap on the images a small check mark will appear indicating that the image has been selected. At the same time the status bar on the top of your screen will display how many items selected. To remove an image from the current selection, just tap on it once more.

4. Your iPad will now show two buttons in the top left corner of the screen, which allow you to Share or Delete the current selected photos. Tap on the Share button located on the top left corner to send the photos through email on your new iPad. If you have accidentally deleted photos from iPad, you can refer to this tutorial to recover deleted photos from iPad iPhone.

New iPad Photos Emailing Tips:

1. When you are seeing the images inside the body of the email on your new iPad, but not everyone can see them “inline” unless they use the Mail app on an iPad to check the email you sent; most of the time, they will lose the consistency, they may see it come as an email file attachment when they read your email on a computer. So do not forget to tell your recipient that you have photos attached in the email.

2. Except the photos you have taken with your new iPad 3, you cab actually send any picture you have saved on your iPad using email and shared with family and friends. Now you know how to send photos and pictures with emails on iPad and iPad 2 with different approaches and ways.

3. How many photos can I send in one email at once? If you have select too many photos once, you may find the Mail option is missing under the Share. Bear in mind, your email service provider will limit the attachment size. You can not send too large attachment through emails.

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