Send photos using Skype on iPhone iPad Android

Photo sharing for iPhone iPad is a frequently requested feature. Many iOS users have been searching or using a photo transfer app, video transfer app to transfer photos or videos between iPhone and iPad, iPhone and iPhone, iPad and iPad, iPhone/iPad and computer. iTunes sync is the classic way to help iOS users transfer back and forth their content between iOS devices and computers. However this is not the most straightforward and effective way to exchange files between mobile devices and computers. In a long time, iPhone and iPad users have been using emails, MMS or other tools to send photos and videos to each other. See some examples below:

Transfer photos videos between computer, iPhone, iPad solutions:

However except the above methods, you can actually use a chat app, like the Skype for mobile, to upload or download photos to or from iPhone. Skype photo sharing feature is really a nice addon. Using it, you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPad, from iPhone to computer, or from a iPad or computer to iPhone very easily. There is no maximum file limit, so you can transfer raw image files without any problem. Skype for iOS provides a free way to copy your photos around iPhone iPad iPod and computer, however when you are using your carrier’s network service for the transfer, it will cosume your data. Better to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network to ensure you can transfer large photos without paying for extra bandwidth that exceeds your monthly data plan.

Send photos using Skype on iPhone

Run Skype for iPhone, then open the contact on Skype whom you like to share your photos with. From the bottom of the Skype interface you should see a line of text reads “Type a message here”. This is where we can write a message and send it out instantly to anyone on our Skype contact list. To transfer photos using Skype, tap on the attachment icon in front of this message input box. See below screenshot.

send files using skype on iphone

You will then bring up a dialogue where you can find the “photo” button which allows you to send out photos from iPhone through Skype for iOS. See screen capture like below.

send photos using skype on iphone

Now you have the chance to select any photos from your photo library or Camera Roll on iPhone, and send the photos to your Skype contact. The recipient can then download the photo onto another iPhone, iPad, Android phone, computer or other devices.

choose photo in skype on iphone

You can use Skype to send photos from iPhone to iPad, from iPhone to Android or other phones following above steps.

Send photos using Skype on iPad

Launch Skype on your iPad, if you hold iPad horizontally, go to the People tab from the left, you will then see the All Contacts interface, or if you hold iPad vertically, the All Contacts page opens directly, tap on to open the contact you like to share files with. You will get a screen like this:

send photos through skype on ipad

Tap on the More button which is below the voice call button and besides the IM button in Skype. You will then see a drop-down menu list with SMS, Send Photo and Video Message. Choose Send Photo to pick up a photo from your Photo library or Camera roll on iPad and send the photo from iPad through Skype. You can use Skype to send photos from iPad to iPhone, from iPad to Android or other phones following above steps.

Transfer photos using Skype for mobile on Android

Skype for Android can also help you send and receive photos on Android powered mobile phones, such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Moto, Sony, LG. This is great if you want to exchange photos between iPhone iPad and Android phones, transfer photos between PC Mac and Android phones, or swap photos between Android phones. Except photos sharing, you can also share music, sound recordings through Skype on Android.

Sending files through Skype for Android is like sharing photos through Skype on iPhone. Access your Skype contact on your phone, then from the bottom of your Android phone, you will see a empty where you can type a message there and send to the Skype contact selected. In front of this message input box, there is plus + icon, tap on it to open the pop-up menu like below.

send photos using skype on android phone

From above screen, select Send file item from the menu list, you can then browse to your gallery on Android phone, select and transfer photos from your Android phone to other mobile phones users, like iPhone, Samsung, LG, Moto, Sony, HTC phone users.

More Tips on Skype Photo Sharing for Mobile

Skype for mobile can help you swap photos among iPhone, iPad, Android phones, BlackBerry, Windows phones, however for bulk photo transfer or video exchange between different devices or mobiles, you should use a more powerful transfer tool. You can refer to this guide to send bulk photos and videos between iOS devices. For data migration between different mobile phones, you can use this professional mobile data transfer tool that can help you copy over photos, videos, music, contacts, messages and more.

If you are looking for a way to exchange photos between your own computer and mobile phones, between iPhone and Samsung, iOS and Android, you can also install Skype on all your devices and transfer photos among your devices using Skype photo sharing feature.