Send photos & videos from Android to iPhone iPad using Shareit

Shareit is a free file transfer app for iOS, Android, Windows phone, Mac and PC. It can help you easily share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and many other file types between mobiles phones, computers, mobile and computers. You do not need a Wi-Fi network, cellular data or a USB data cord in order to use this wireless data transfer app. And its data transfer speed can be 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer. You can batch transfer many files with no size restrictions. Best of all, it’s totally free to download and use. In this guide, we will demonstrate how you can use this free app to send photos and videos from Android phone to iPhone iPad. Get this app now when it is still free of charge. Get iOS version from this link and the Android version here.

To send photos, videos and more other files from Android to iPhone iPad without internet, Wi-Fi network or cellular data using Shareit free file transfer app, follow below steps.

Send photos & videos from Android to iPhone iPad without internet

Step 1. Select photos & videos in Shareit on Android

Run Shareit on Android phone or tablet, you will see its home screen like this.

shareit app for android phone

Touch Send button from the home screen of this free file transfer app. If you are prompted to allow permission to this app to use your Wi-Fi network, choose Yes. Then browse to the photos and videos in your Gallery, preview and select any media files you like to share with other phones. Under the Photos selection mode, you can switch to album view and browse more image files and videos by albums. If like, you can also switch to Files, Videos, Apps, Music to select and send other files. Tap Send button at the bottom right corner when you are done with file selection.

select photos videos and files in shareit app for android phone

Step 2. Connect Android phone to iPhone iPad

The Shareit app will then search for all available devices in the same network. As we are not connected to any Wi-Fi network, so you can’t find any device at this moment.

shareit on Android phone to scan devices

You need to touch the ‘Connect to iOS/WP‘ button at the bottom left corner of this device scanning screen, you will then see a pop-up alert say, “Are you sure the receiver is iOS/WP device? If the devices are not in the same network, please click [Continue]“. Tap on the Continue button, the Shareit app will setup the portable hotspot on your Android phone automatically. See below screenshot.

connect ios devices and windows phone to shareit hotspot network on android phone

Now connect your iPhone to above Android phone’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot just like you connect to any other Wi-Fi network. Touch the Settings on iPhone screen, touch Wi-Fi, then slide the Wi-Fi toggle to ON, find and join above portable hotspot on Android phone.

Step 3. Receive photos & videos from Android phone to iPhone iPad

Run Shareit app and touch Receive button at its home screen. The Shareit app will instantly receive the files transfer from Android phone. The received media files will be saved to your photo album or Camera roll on the iOS device automatically.
shareit app for iphone

Transfer more files and data from Android to iPhone
The above mobile phone data solution works well with photos, videos, music transfer. If you like to export other data, like contacts, SMS, ringtones, you will need other mobile phone data transfer tools. Check out this guide to send contacts and numbers from Samsung to iPhone, and this tutorial to transfer ringtones from Android to iPhone, just to name a few.