Send photos & videos from Android mobile to computer using Shareit

Shareit is a free file transfer app for Android, iOS, Windows phone, PC and Mac. We have several articles introducing this free file transfer tool before hoping more and more mobile phone users can easily share their files and documents on the phone with this free tool. For example, this app can help you transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone iPad without the need for Wi-Fi network, internet connection, USB data cable or a computer in the middle. Today, we will discuss how it can help us export photos, videos and more other files from our mobile phones to computer.

How to send photos & videos from Android mobile to computer using Shareit?

First of all, go to download the file sharing app here. For data exchange between Android phone and PC, you will need to download the Android version of the free file transfer app on to your mobile phone and the desktop version on to your Windows computer. Get it now when it is still free. I am sure you will find it is useful.

To send files from phone to computer using this free app is easy. Firstly, run the file transfer on your PC, you will see its home screen like this.

shareit for pc home screen

Click the Show QR Code button from the lower section of above screen. You will then see the Scan QR Code to Connect screen as following.

scan qr code to connect in shareit for pc

Now run the file sharing app on your mobile phone, touch the avatar icon at the top left corner to bring up the side menu as shown below.

shareit for android phone side menu

Choose Connect to PC from this side menu, the Shareit app will instantly scan all available devices in the same network. Since we have not connect the phone to any network yet. This app on the phone can’t detect your PC at this moment.

shareit connect android to pc

At the bottom of the Connect to PC screen on your mobile, you can find two connection modes: Scan to Connect and PC Search Mobile. Here we will choose the first option. After that the file transfer app will open the Camera on the phone, point your phone camera to the QR code displayed in the Shareit program on your PC, after that you will see a connection mode via either hotspot on PC or hotspot on mobile. You do not have to choose here, you can just leave it to the auto-connect mode using the hotspot on the phone. Based on my personal experience using Shareit on a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, using the hotspot on my Samsung phone can always connect the phone to PC. Note that Shareit app will automatically enable the hotspot on Samsung phone, you do not need to manually turn it on. When your phone is connected to PC, you will see the file selection and transfer screen like below.

transfer files from android phone to computer via shareit

Touch Photos tab to find photos and videos from your Gallery and export them to your PC. For other files and documents, tap on the Files button to find, select and transfer from Android to computer.

Transfer files from PC to mobile

Once the phone and PC are connected, you can not only send files from phone to PC, but also upload files from computer to the mobile phone. To send photos and other files from PC to Android using Shareit, just browse to the folder which has the files you like to send, then drag and drop them from your computer file explorer to the Shareit app on your PC. See below screenshot.

send files pc to phone using shareit

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  1. I can Send from PC to Android phone, but Can’t send from phone to PC. How could I? Please help me.

    1. you can setup the hotspot on mobile, then connect to this hotspot network from PC; you can also setup the hotpsot network on PC, then connect to it from mobile. by doing so, your PC and mobile are connected to the same network.

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