Send photos, videos between Android phones without internet connection

We carry our smartphones anywhere we go and take a lot photos with them. Ever wanted to share photos and videos with your friends or family on the go but do not know where to start? The key to getting images out of your Android phone is to look for the Share icon in the Gallery app. After that you will see a list of apps that you can use to share or send the selected pictures and/or videos. Choose a sharing method from there to share your media files with other mobile phones. Bluetooth and email are two of the most popular way for sharing small files. If you have bulk media files to send to other Android phone, we recommend a file transfer solution over mobile hotspot. This technology can help us easily share internet connection between mobile phones, so you can share your cellular data with family and friends on the go. Other than that it also provides us a fast and convenient way to exchange files and data between mobile devices. In this post, we will reveal the easy steps to transfer files between Android mobile phones over Wi-fi hotspot without internet connection using ES File Manager, the free file management and sharing app for Android.

How to transfer files between Android phones over Wifi hotspot without internet connection?

Being the world’s No. 1 file manager for Android devices, ES File Manager also provides many extra features and tools. File sharing is another apealling feature. You can get this file manager app here.

Other than Google Play store, it can actually be found in almost all major Android app markets. And this app can also send itself to other phones, check out this article to send ES file manager to other phones without internet connection or Wi-Fi network. When both Android phones have this free app installed, follow below steps to get your files sent to other mobile phones through mobile hotspot or portable hotspot.

Run ES file manager on both mobile phones. On the Receiving phone, tap Sender from the home screen of ES file manager, then choose Receive button. This will create the virtual wi-fi hotspot on the mobile phone and put the phone into the receiving mode.

es sender for android to receive files

Then go to the Sending phone, tap Sender >> Send, then browse to the phone storage, App, Images, Music, Movies or Documents to select files you want to send to another phone. If you want to share photos with other android users, go to the Image category, browse the thumbnails and tap to select the pictures you want to share.

choose files to send via es sender for android

Touch the Send button at the screen bottom, you will be taken to the Send File screen, and your Android phone will be connected to the mobile hotspot network which we have activated on the other phone above. Just tap on the name of virtual wi-fi hotspot in the wireless network scanner in the Send File screen to send selected photos or videos from one Android phone to another. Selected files will be copied over between Android phones in blazing fast speed over Wi-fi hotspot.

es sender app on android phone to send files

Note that when you send files from your Android phone to other Android phone, the other phone can send files to your phone directly from the file transfer completed screen without the need to reconnect the two phones via Wi-Fi hotspot. See below figure.

es sender file transfer result

Just tap on the Send icon at the bottom left corner as shown in above screenshot to select files and send. It is just that easy!