Send Shareit app to another Android phone

Shareit is a free cross platform file transfer app. We have several articles introduced this free file transfer tool before. It enables us to freely exchange data between Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows PC and Mac computer. You can send various files such as photos, videos, contacts using this free app. If the receiver does not have Shareit installed, you can also send files over using its web share feature. See more details from this guide to share files between mobile phones using Shareit Web Share.

For easier and even faster data transfer, we recommend both sender and receiver to install this app on their devices. When one of you do not have this app installed, you can actually use this app to send itself over from one Android phone to another without internet, Wi-Fi or mobile data. To do this follow below instructions to find out.

Transfer Shareit app to other phones – video demo

Send Shareit app to another Android phone

Run Shareit on your Android mobile, you will see the Send and Receive buttons at its main interface. Swipe up on your phone screen, you will see more functions of this free file transfer app, such as file protection, junk cleaning, data backup and so on. Scroll down the home screen of Shareit app on your Android phone, until you see the “Find Another Device to Start Sharing”. At the top right corner, you can see the Invite button, it provides us a way to install Shareit on your friends’ device without the need of mobile data. Tap the Invite button, you will be taken to a screen like below.

1 Click Phone Transfer

send shareit app to android phones

The Invite screen opens on your Android phone screen. You can choose to send Shareit app to Android devices through either Bluetooth or Hotspot. No mobile charges will occur. My favorite is Hotspot transfer. Tap on it, the free file transfer app will automatically set up hotspot on your Android phone and you will be presented with the steps to connect up other Android phones to the hotspot and download the Shareit app, see below screenshot.

download shareit app to andriod phone using web browser and hotspot connection

Download Shareit app onto the other Android phone

Firstly connect the other phone to the hotspot network as shown in above screenshot. Then launch a web browser app on the other Android phone, then access the above download link address to download the Shareit app on to your phone and then install and start the Shareit app. You can now use this file transfer app on the phone to send and receive photos, videos, contacts and more files. For example, you can refer to this guide to send photos from Android to iPhone and these steps to export photos, videos from Android phone to computer wirelessly.

Note that some Android phones may block apps from unknown sources, see how to install Apps from unknown sources on Android phones.

Send Shareit app to another Android phone via Web Share

In fact, when you send files from one Android phone to another via its Web Share, you also have the chance to download the Shareit app on the other phone. You can scroll up to the first paragraph and refer to the linked guide for the details.