Send voice memos via email on iPhone

Voice Memos is a very useful utility on iPhone iPad and iPod touch that allow you to record any sound using your mobile or tablet. In recently articles, we have showed how you can use it in different occasions, like in a conference, class, etc. After recording of the voice or voice memos, you can listen to them on iPhone and optionally trim voice memos on iPhone. Today, we will share with you another quick voice memo and recording sharing method, sending voice memos on iPhone via email.

Email is the most frequently used messages and file sharing tool on laptops, desktop, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can send files from one device to another through email.

iPhone voice memos backup solutions & alterntaives

Voice memos sharing via email has its disadvantages, for example, you will need internet access, you will need to set up an email account on iPhone, you can only transfer only one voice memo or sound recording each time. For batch voice memo transfer or backup without email or internet access, we recommend this solution to back up voice memos and recordings from iPhone to computer without iTunes. If you do not have an email account configured on iPhone, you can use Shareit free file transfer app to transfer iPhone voice memos to computer. It is much faster and easier than email transfer.

Run Voice Memos on your iPhone. Tap to select the voice memo or recording you like to share or transfer. You will then find different options to manage it. You can play the voice memo, share voice memo, edit or delete the voice memo, see below screenshot.
iphone voice memos recordings management optionsChoose the Share button from above, you will then bring up a voice memos sharing menu with all available options you can share or send voice memos and recordings on iPhone, including Message and Mail.

iphone voice memos share options

From above screen, tap on Mail, then you will open a new email composing screen with your voice memo or voice recording file attached to it. Choose or type in the recipients’ addresses, type in your email title, write something in the email body optionally and send it away immediately. Sending voice memos through email is probably the most convenient way to share voice memos and recording on iPhone. For bulk voice recordings transfer or backup however you can refer to the linked guide at the first paragraph of this article. Also if you do not have email accounts configured on iPhone, here are some tutorial you can refer to: How to add AOL email account to iPhone?


Update Jan 2018: this guide was originally published in 2016 and has since been updated. In this update, two new voice memo transfer and backup methods were added.